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Sms girl hookup - dating ardrossan

I ultimately concluded that this technique works if and only if you present enough value to a girl when you first get her number. if she gave you her number out of pity, you’re shit out of luck, and no technique I give you will work.) With these girls, even if they were genuinely interested when they met you, things can still fizzle out pretty quickly if you suck at texting and stop keeping contact.(Most guys become deflated after trying for a date only once and getting rejected.

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Here it is: The Revival Technique for Flakes and Dead Numbers Every guy has tons of dead numbers and non-responders in his phone.

I have a big heart and it tends to latch on and catch feelings, so if I’m interested in you, I’m not going to want to just be the girl who gets the call late at night when you’re lonely.

I’m going to want to be the girl that gets to spend time with you during the day and at night.

If you use the Revival Technique correctly, you’ll have more dates than you can handle on a consistent basis. (Although most dudes would welcome you to do it) P.

Think of it like managing leads in a sales pipeline.

Side note: When I said in the subject line of this e-mail, “Do this when she flakes on you last minute,” what I really meant was that you should tag her as a non-responder in your phonebook, wait at least 1 week without sending any texts, then apply this technique. ” Step 2: Wait slightly longer than she did to respond to you. If you use the revival strategy, and she is responsive, and then you realize that you won’t be free until 3 days later after returning from your vacation, you’ve lost her.

Timing is key: Send it out at 12 PM or PM as these are the times when people most pay attention to their social lives on their phones because of work related circumstances. (If she responds after an hour, you respond a little bit after an hour) Step 3: Here is the second text: “oh nvm that txt was for sum1 else. ” This will mindfuck the girl and make her feel a sense of loss. Case Study: John Uses the Revival Technique to Revive 3 Dead Phone Numbers Above, we can see two dead contacts that were instantly revived once John (his real name is censored) sent out the texts.

I remember thinking to myself, “Maybe I’m not presenting enough Sexual Market Value to the girls whose numbers I’m getting.” It turns out that I was correct.

Side Note about Big Cities: When you get women’s numbers walking around (in NYC specifically), you need to present extremely high value otherwise you will only get flaky numbers.

I also overthink everything, so chances are if you’re not communicating with me other than late at night or when you’re drunk, I’m going to think there’s something wrong with me and that I’m not capable of being wanted in a relationship, which obviously isn’t true.

Sure, you may be great in bed, you may be a fantastic cuddler and I’d probably have a good time, there is no doubting that.

I also don’t really like to share, so the idea that you’re going to spend one night with me and potentially the next few nights with someone else doesn’t really sit well. I plan to give you 100% and that’s what I expect back.