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You can use a ceiling painting wand (or a brush tied to a stick) to mark higher limbs that need pruning.

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Make cuts at an angle, and make the cut as close to the living part of the tree as you can. The basics include: Pruning young maples can be done with ease.

Canopy pruning on mature maple trees involves significant risk to the arborist.

Use pole saws to prune high-set branches, but be wary of dead fall.

Maple tree pruning may be done in the spring, with the best months to prune being the time immediately after leaves appear.

If you prune the tree in the winter or springtime, the sap bleeds or runs out.

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Also worth a shout was Mike and Frankie’s February 10, 2011 at PM I liked all the comedies last night, Better With You is actually really good but that’s just because of the cast. While this won't harm the tree, it doesn't look very pretty, so prune the tree in late spring or summer if you can.Most experts agree that you shouldn't prune more than 15 percent of the maple tree in any one year.During the winter, when the deciduous leaves have fallen, inspect the bare branches of your maple.Note any limbs that should be removed and tie a ribbon around the lower ones. From worst to best, it was kind of cute watching Sue attempt to locate the guy she kissed on the Halloween hayride.