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Chase was raised a Roman Catholic, and although he is no longer observant, he still considers himself religious.

House admits that he hired Chase after Rowan called him, but has never made his reasons clear. He does what he has told and, unlike Foreman and Cameron, is very unlikely to challenge House.

Fearing for his job when House hits the roof over the mistake, and suspicious when House doesn’t gloat after diagnosing the patient, he finds evidence that House may have known about a condition that would have disqualified his patient from a life saving transplant and brings it to the new chairman of the board, Edward Vogler.

Chase agrees to keep an eye on House in return for Vogler protecting his job. In order to assert his authority, Vogler demands that House fire one of his team.

He does not appear to have been an outstanding student. As well as completing specialties in intensive care and cardiology, he also took a residency in neurosurgery at Melbourne Hospital, although he never became a board certified neurosurgeon.

Chase was the longest serving fellow at the start of the series, having been on the team since 2002.

However, Chase had a crisis of faith (if one can call sleeping with the groundskeeper's wife a "crisis of faith") while in the seminary and realized that it wasn’t for him.

Instead, he went to medical school doing his pre-medical studies at the University of Sydney (as revealed in Season 7). Robert Chase was the diagnostic team's surgeon and intensive care (intensivist) specialist during the first three seasons.He has been on the diagnostic team with House longer than either of other two members at the time.In the episode Control, Chase makes a stupid, but luckily harmless mistake.When assigned to do an angiogram on the patient, he lets the radiology resident scan the wrong leg.It is presumed Robert has other siblings (most likely half or step-siblings), but their names have never been revealed.