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Earlier in my blogs I wrote, “Living here is 100 times better than living in New York because here in Ghana there is a deep human connection you find with others, even with strangers and new people.

Or, I am so in love with the cute 3 year-old babies at the Daycare Center where I volunteer on Mondays, and I want to continue spending time with Ghanaian babies. But my connection to Ghana is even broader, and deeper then that.Do I still want to go to medical school in New York? So at this point, I must say, I am very open to new possibilities.The Indian Head gold pieces were two coin series struck by the United States Mint: a two-and-a-half dollar piece, or quarter eagle (1908–1915, 1925–1929), and a five-dollar coin, or half eagle (1908–1916, 1929).Deep, meaningful conversations pop up everyday and you do not have to wait until the weekend or the holidays to see your best friends.But still, there was a cold and empty feeling inside of me, despite my struggle to live a balanced and fulfilled life.Polygyny refers to marriages in which men are permitted to have more than one wife at the same time.

In precolonial times, polygyny was encouraged, especially for wealthy men.

The age at which marriage was arranged varied among ethnic groups, but men generally married women somewhat younger than they were.

Some of the marriages were even arranged by the families long before the girl attained puberty.

Whenever a student misbehaves or doesn’t do what they are supposed to in class, she tickles them for a while and they giggle and giggle until they agree to behave! Why are American’s so dissatisfied with their love lives and why are they so obsessed with their careers?

I realize that after feeling immense, unadulterated joy in Ghana, I can never return to the unhappy, dissatisfied, restless state of mind I experienced in New York.

Now, you could argue I am simply in love with my Ghanaian boyfriend and that’s why I do not want to leave Ghana.