Shinhwa dating scandal

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Shinhwa dating scandal - dating means dinner

According to Asian Universe, recently a magazine published intimate photos of Shiga Lin and a rapper K-Chek.Yesterday Shiga held a press conference where she tearfully admitted she liked playing and partying during her teen years.

In the future, she will concentrate on her work and will protect her personal photos.Meanwhile, 6Wing is furious that his wife was dragged into the controversy.The rapper defended his wife, saying that he was aware of her previous relationship with K-Chek and pointing a finger at the latter for allegedly broadcasting the intimate details of their relationship just to court publicity.Hong Kong Singer Shiga Lin, K-Chek, Lin Si Nga, Rapper K-Chek, Shiga Lin, Shiga Lin and K-Chek, Shiga Lin and K-Chek Intimate Photos, Shiga Lin and Rapper K-Chek Photos, Shiga Lin Ex Boyfriend, Shiga Lin 連詩雅 Blogged By: La Tray Source & Story Credit: 21CN / via / Asianuniverse / Media Credit: Photo (21CN) ( / Video (China News360) / Video Link ( com) Posted: Wednesday May 30, 2012 @ a.m.PST THIS STORY reads like Edison Chen Photo Scandal 2.0.She took a deep breath and expressed: “I admit I have dated the young man in the photo. At the time, I only took those photos because I really loved and trusted him.

As for how these photos leaked, I really don’t know nor will I go find out.”Shiga appeared very tensed and didn’t look at directly at the camera, but instead kept her head down.

▲ After the 16th episode, in which all the students went out for a picnic to Wolchulsan mountain, had been aired, many viewers requested information about the filming location where the colorful autumn leaves and beautiful scenery had enraptured viewers’ eyes.

▲ The archery competition featuring extreme tension, “Daesarae,” which had been aired in the 6th and 7th episodes, had been filmed in Young Am Hyang Gyo in Jeollanam-do.

There are also another batch of photos showing K-Chek with another girl – Rainah, the 22-year-old wife of FAMA member 6Wing.

The pictures were taken in 2004 – most probably at K-Chek’s place – and showed a then 16-year-old Lin locking lips with K-Chek and nibbling at his ears, while the latter was seen showing his middle finger.

Look at the stills of the filming location of “Sungkyunkwan Scandal,” which has become a popular topic along with the popularity of the drama.

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