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I still remember max howel tweet[1] in which he publicly said that we was rejected by Google.

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So learning/mastering both Go and Swift is the best decision you can programming language eco system is really improving rapidly and efficiently.It seemed the developer's toolkit was limited by the languages created 20 years ago but within the last few years we're seeing a renaissance in developer toolkits as well as development philosophies.In the past, my favorite shape-note hymns were the old standbys “Brightest and Best” and “Wondrous Love.” But this season I discovered a new one, with an utterly haunting melody and lyrics filled with all the yearning of Advent:.Some people consider Cohen’s approach too slick and “produced”-sounding, but, if you’ve never heard shape-note hymns before, you may not be ready for the raw, primitive sound of more “authentic” recordings. We’re still not quite ready for those 1940s-vintage Library of Congress recordings made in teeny backwoods Southern churches.It'll provide a very strong start and make working with Swift immediately productive.- Holy crap, there's a package manager.

This has been sorely needed since about day one of Swift development, glad to see that it's been a priority as part of the effort to open source!

Languages like Go, Rust, and now Swift are not only great from almost every aspect over the last generation languages like C, C , Java, but a lot noobs or scripting language developers are also converting to more low level languages.

So the barrier to pick up a lower level language and become productive in it has really diminished.

Now he is biggest[3] contributed to Swift package manager.

It is good to see that the person who has lot of experience in handing Apple and package system is handing this stuff.

According to William Chappell, editor of the broadside version of the ballad, “So long as landlords received their rents in kind, their barns and stores were full, and they were lavish of hospitality [to the country folk] at Christmas.

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