Sharepoint site usage summary not updating

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Sharepoint site usage summary not updating - Extreme adult chatrooms

Share Point Vitals brings all the user site activity data you could ever want to your fingertips.

With the available summary reporting, you can quickly identify your top users, sites and content along with problem areas such as slowest loading pages and users who frequently experience slow page load times.

Some of the things not shown on the screenshot are the Top 10 Sites, Fastest & Slowest Users as well as the heatmap.

Lastly, something that a lot of you might also wonder is the pricing.

Share Point Vitals is a Software as a Service (Saa S) application running in Azure, so you can access it from anywhere in the world, and since it’s running on Azure, chances are it will almost never go down.

As soon as you log on the platform you can see the statistics from this week, as well as the percentage of change since last week, allowing you to see right away if new users have joined the platform, if new sites have been created as well as how popular your Share Point platform was this week.

Share Point Vitals has a lot of information about every aspect of your Share Point usage, and also has some reports that could not be seen by a tool that is not integrated with Share Point such as the User History, accessed documents by user, where a user is logged in from and so on.

Furthermore, one of the cool things of Share Point Vitals is that all the results are real time, so you do not need to wait 12 or 24 hours to get the latest analytics.

Scrolling down a bit on the initial page, we can see various Top 10s such as the Top 10 Visited Sites, Active Users, Fastest & Slowest Users with a filter on the top allowing you to quickly changing from Today, to last week and a few other options as seen below.

This is really great because as soon as you log in, you have all the important information to see how your sites are doing, who is accessing them, and users that might have problems reaching them.

If you’re looking for an analytics solution for Share Point 2013/2016 or Share Point Online, make sure you check out Share Point vitals!

When the site exceeds the maximum storage allowed, notification is sent to the account administrator.

So even if you are a 5,000 company, you will only pay 10,000$ a year, so this can be really really interesting!

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