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It surprised me because I have never been talked to like this. The bites have left dark black spots all over my body…. I got home this Monday, 2/6/17 & there was a note on my door from Terminix. I don’t understand how you can sale someone a couch with this major problem I am beyond livid… Reply Pure hell was never treated do bad as I was done in summersville store made payment and payment was cashed.So He kept on and I told him that I have the money but with your attitude I will not be paying you so he said I will be there bright and early Monday morning and hung up in my face. Rent a Center had set up an appointment and never communicated that with me….. Now it’s 2/8/17 and I’m still trying to contact at least ONE person to handle this. I can’t reach the Manager at Rent a Center, nor the District Manager. I puchased a couch set from your Store in Warner Robins, GA on Watson Blvd. I called they never called me back and I want my money back! The manager basically calling myself a lier will never Dr o business again.

How do you pay 0 cash, get merchandise that is damaged and discolored, you return the product and are told money would be returned a certain day and get there, no money. Reply I’ve been a loyal customer for RAC for over 2 years . I had a bed set delivered to my new house because the other furniture set they gave me they tried giving me a queen sized headboard instead of a king thinking I wouldn’t notice .

Current CEO, Mark Speese, joined the company in 1979.

The company went public in 1995 and has gained many of its current locations through acquisitions of other companies including DEF Investments, Thorn Americas, Rent-Way, Rainbow Rentals and Rent-Rite.

I returned the unit as it was just a temporary fix. Reply I’ve been a customer of RAC since before they changed their name to RAC.

I’ve been paying things off and getting other items. Once this W/D I’ve been paying on since July 2015 is paid off along with the TV and Sofa, I’m done.

I’ve been late every other week for a few months due to 3 kids going back to college.

Now my money was tied up and all I need was this week to double up on Friday the 18th and I was treated with no respect from Matt(who told Fred what to tell me) and Meiko.

I also received calls the day the payment was due reminding me about the due date.

Wasn’t late, which I think they should call the next day if payment is late. Why would you rent something out if it was not complete?

Sorry RAC you have officially lost my business !!!! I,m not the only one that’s complained on this store. When I got home and hubby hooked it up, shortly afterward he noticed there was water coming out from underneath the unit.

Reply last month I bought what was susspose to be a new dryer at your Skowhegan,maine office. “B/S”, its an amana that only one cycle works but takes forever to heat. We quickly put the bottom half of a tote under it so as to collect the water.

Reply I have been with the company for about 17 years or longer. On this occasion the store employee was calling to remind me about my payment which was due that day. He calls and I play like I always do and says so you are going to make my payment and he in a rude voice to be nasty with me. If you do not contact me and get this stuff out my home asap I will be calling a lawyer and a news station and posting pictures of the bite marks my children, husband and I have, and pictures of the bugs.