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Detectives believe the number of girls joining gangs is rising, although they only represent 5 per cent of offenders.

Gangs behind a quarter of violent crime: 4,800 ‘soljas’ in London blamed for rapes, murders and shootings 158 arrests as 1,300 officers are involved in gang raids across the capital Gang members are stuck on a ‘conveyer belt of crime’, says Met Police Assistant Commissioner 1,000 officers dedicated to tackling gang crime, they announce today 250 active gangs across London with some members aged as young as 14 Scotland Yard declared war on gangs yesterday as it emerged they are responsible for half of London’s shootings and one in seven rapes.Despite its name, heartburn has nothing to do with the heart.Some of the symptoms, however, are similar to those of a heart attack or heart disease.The person who wrote the letter turns out to be his crush; while speaking to her, he suddenly collapses.He awakes in a hospital bed, and is told by the doctors that the reason he collapsed is due to arrhythmia, a rare heart condition that causes his heartbeat to sometimes become irregular.I know it, you know it and hopefully one day she will realize it too.

Who knows, maybe her words were another intentional lie to hurt me.

Either way, the damage is done and nothing will change until amends are made.

However, I do not expect that amends will ever be made, especially when her most recent excuse was to say that she did not even remember what she had said!

Whenever I asked if we were cool, or if she would prefer that I did not message her, she was quite adamant that we were cool and that she would not be speaking to me if she did not like me.

Fast forward a few years to the end, and she claims that we are friends, but when a problem popped up, the truth came out.

You can view or download most of the siterips, etc, but the Members Paysite will not be available for download.

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