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“We find no evidence of substantial changes in sexual behavior that would indicate a new or pervasive pattern of non-relational sex among contemporary college students,” the researchers conclude.In fact, most people are still having sex with a regular partner rather than with random people.

Greek life is thoroughly embedded in higher education today, but at first the two were at odds.

Infused with a rebelliousness that was their birthright, fraternities incubated a lifestyle that revolved around recklessness and irresponsibility.

Members encouraged one another to neglect their studies and mocked those who were earnest about getting an education, disparagingly calling academically hardworking students “digs” and “grinds.” Nicholas Syrett, the scholar who penned the definitive history of white fraternities, wrote that by the early 1900s it was “glaringly obvious” that, “for the most part, fraternity men did not study much, dedicating themselves instead to extracurricular activities, camaraderie, athletics, and having fun.” To these preoccupations, fraternities would eventually add sexual conquest.

A new study published in the compares a survey on sexual practices from 1988-1996 to one from 2004-2012.

Researchers from the University of Portland found that respondents from the later survey did not report more sexual partners after the age 18, more frequent sex or more partners during the past year than respondents from the earlier survey.

These young men weren’t as interested in higher education as they were in a diploma that would ratify their families’ hoarding of wealth and power.

Predictably, they had a much lower tolerance for submission.

According to the new study, 78.2% of those recently surveyed reported that their sexual partner was either a spouse or a significant other, compared to 84.5% in the survey from the ’80s and ’90s.

The researchers chalk up the differences in responses to the earlier set of people surveyed containing a higher proportion of married people.

put it apprehensively, a “big four-year orgy.” “Like most people I knew,” she wrote, “I believed that college was a wild, sexual party scene, and that to fit in, you had to be into alcohol, weed, and sex.” It’s taken for granted today that college is supposed to be fun and that sex is part of why.

“The best years of your life,” is how another student put it.

This isn’t surprising news since marriage rates are going down and people are getting married later.