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This is to all intents and purposes the headquarters of National Action (NA), the Far-Right extremist organisation banned by Home Secretary Amber Rudd last December.When news broke this week that four serving soldiers had been arrested on suspicion of being members of NA, many were shocked.

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Another prominent NA member, Garron Helm, from Liverpool, was jailed in 2014 after branding Labour MP Luciana Berger a 'filthy Jew b***h' 2,500 times in three days on Twitter.Before the ban there was a policy of targeting young people and at least 12 university campuses were canvassed by NA.The social media operation was slick and appealing, with a high-quality website, endless You Tube videos and a Twitter feed.Take Zack Davies, 27, jailed in 2015 for attempted murder and ordered to serve a minimum of 14 years in jail.Shouting 'white power', he attacked Dr Sarandev Bhambra, 26, an Asian dentist from Leeds, with a machete in a branch of Tesco, leaving him with life-threatening injuries.Those of us who have followed these extremists since the group's inception in 2014 know that its followers are a new breed of extremist; often smart, middle-class graduates and, extraordinarily, including educated young women.

When Parliament declared NA to be a proscribed organisation, it joined groups such as ISIS and the IRA.While the organisation may be small, its beliefs are terrifying.It was formed in 2014 by Ben Raymond — a 28-year-old former double-glazing salesman from Bognor Regis, who gave a speech on the steps of Liverpool's St George's Hall about gassing the enemies of National Socialism — and fellow university graduate Alex Davies, 21.Tucked away in a Warrington back street is a shabby, red-brick warehouse, distinguished only by the pair of imposing steel doors designed to deter unwanted visitors. Its real purpose is only hinted at by the regular trickle of young men with sports bags, cropped hairstyles and fashionable trainers who come and go at all hours.They could easily be taken for young squaddies heading for the gym.But NA's leaders had been preparing for the ban for some time, and it has simply slipped underground and subsequently splintered.