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When it gets warm in the summer in Brooklyn, the theater of the streets and cafes and art openings is unique. The thriving bar and restaurant scene definitely contributes to that energy too.Brooklynites tend to be smart, liberal, intellectual and open-minded.

Today it’s how we define ourselves online on Instagram and try to get online “likes.” Yeah, the chapters aren’t just past to present.In the early 20th century, when people really started to use this word “date,” that was when women started working, which makes complete sense — because before then, your family, priest, rabbi or community would arrange meetings between young men and women.They did not have opportunities to go out and get together on their own.There is a lot of curiosity and critical thinking here but Brooklynites also like going out and having fun. The book engages readers in a fun way and appeals to a Brooklyn sensibility.It lets them think more deeply and critically about how they go out and do things in pursuit of romance, sex and love. Walking in Prospect Park is a lovely date spot — and actually probably one of the oldest in the borough.That was the starting point to want to write and look into the history of dating.

That everything in dating was connected to women working outside the home and women breaking into the workforce.In some of the earliest accounts I read of dating, people talk about going to hang out in the park.Parents wouldn’t want you to go to a dance with a guy but you could go sit in the park because there are other people in the park.For instance, the first chapter is called “Tricks,” and it talks about women being arrested and how today’s dating apps like Tinder or Seeking Arrangement blur the boundaries of dating and sex work.Part of what makes people uncomfortable about dating is this transactional element — the question of who’s getting what, in return for what, is often in the background.” said that traditional dating — which is to say calling someone and asking them on a date — was dead.

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