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Not only is the mayor of Candela paying people to relocate to his gorgeous little town in the Puglia region, but now Ollolai, a little village nestled in the mountains of Sardinia, is selling historic homes for just one dollar.Now, to recap, Sardinia isn’t just a stunning little island off the Italian coast with sandy white beaches and a turquoise sea.

I fail to see how such behavior achieves anything beyond providing entertainment to whites and non-whites.

My initial exposure to wannabe whites came through interactions with some of my close relatives in N. I later noticed the same mindset, behavior and attitudes in groups ranging from Filipinos to Iranians and South Americans.

Most wannabe whites are 1st or 2nd generation immigrants from countries colonized by European countries in the 18th-19th century (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines etc).

Some are immigrants from countries with a white ruling class (South American countries).

Inspite of their diverse racial and cultural origins, wannabe whites think and act in a remarkably similar manner. They go to ridiculous lengths to publicly prove that they are culturally whiter than white.

Apart from the fact that I look rather different from what he might imagine, how are the looks (or race) of any person even relevant to the validity of their ideas? They try to constantly tell whites and non-whites that other people are human scum who deserved the ‘civilizing’ influence of whites.

While I am critical of Indians, my opinions about east-Asians, Arabs, Whites etc are equally (if not more) negative. However many wannabe whites never seem to tire of telling others how bad people in their old country are.Wearing classic leather trousers and black draped top is a perfect rock chic look and a fail safe option for a night out.See below our best picks of tops and bodysuits for the high street - we especially love this Boohoo haltered bodysuit from Boohoo for £12.If you’ve ever dreamed of moving to Italy (and, really, who hasn’t?), and need that extra bit of incentive, we’ve got it here.Not to mention, they are rumored to have even better food and wine than the mainland.

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