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Published: Thu THERE'S something very British about this retelling of the true-life 70s romance between young Liverpool actor Peter Turner and the Oscar-winning queen of Hollywood film noir Gloria Grahame.

It is one of the few with the darkest-toned areas painted flat black instead of being constructed from a mass of adjacent large dots.The title he devised for that show, , directed attention to the photographic imagery and quasi-mechanical procedures that proved symptomatic of his particular contribution to Pop Art.Demonstrating a quick understanding of the possibilities suggested by the work of the American Pop artists, only then beginning to be seen in England, he took up implications both from Andy Warhol’s photo-screenprinted portraits of movie stars and from Roy Lichtenstein’s deployment of hand-painted or stencilled dots imitating the look of the half-tone screens used in the printing of mass-circulation newspapers.Any information appearing on the Traffic Scotland Web Site is issued as general information only and does not constitute a warranty by the Scottish Ministers or any other provider of the information supplied.No responsibility can be accepted by the Scottish Ministers or any other information provider for action or inaction as a result of information contained on the Traffic Scotland Web Site.View all War Paintings Returning to the style and subject matter of his early pop art paintings, Gerald Laing's latest paintings feature media images of contemporary celebrities including Amy Winehouse and Kate Moss. I began it for the following reasons:- 1) The idea of enlarging and making permanent a small obscure newspaper advertisement which would normally have a ‘butterfly existence’ of one day.

2) The actress in this role appealed to me personally.Frozen in time, literally screened from our view, she is destined to remain forever a tantalising but inaccessible mirage.Anna Karina was painted in 1963 while I was still at St Martins. The paint is applied with a brush on the intersections of ruled pencil lines in order to emulate the appearance of a half-tone printed image.In the strictest sense, my paintings of this period, which include Anna Karina, are paintings of photographs rather than paintings of reality.The inspiration was a 3 cm high advertisement which appeared in the London newspapers at that time were advertising Jean Luc Goddard’s new Film, , in which the lead role was played by his wife Anna Karina.3) The almost-mechanical near-symmetry seemed appropriate to the modular interpretation with which I was then involved.

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