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They should stand in two parallel rows opposite each other and be holding hands.

All teams receive the exact same notes: Place each set of tasks in a different bag and point each team to a new bag.

Fetch the players in one at a time and say: "I want to introduce you to the “Out” family: That is Mr Out (the first leader smiles and shakes hands with the player)! He should now sit down in the room and keep quiet while the next victim comes in.

The family must prepare themselves again and the door is opened.

The volunteers are now allowed to choose 2-3 players for the game.

While the volunteer is guessing the emotion, you record the time it takes.

The whole thing carries on like this until all of the players are wet.

Length: 10 minutes Material: Prop table, fabric, a menu, a stool, a woolly hat, a pistol and some costumes This sketch should be acted out by 4 leaders or guest actors from your community (see the end of the page for the sketch text).

After each throw of “heads” the player at the start joins the other end of the queue.

At the end, everyone sits down, the winner is announced and you welcome everyone personally.

There are crazy games, events and discussion groups and there is bible work...

The aim of this evening is make the children aware of the feelings they experience and to help them keep their feelings under control.

The first to complete all of the tasks is the winner.