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Many residents wear sexually provocative clothing, and some inhabit an animal or other nonhuman body. Along with the thousands of eye-catching structures, physical landmarks, and interactive objects, these creations include less tangible things: virtual businesses, interest-based social groups, and scheduled events that range from dance parties to celebrity book signings to boxing matches to yard sales.

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That’s because, instead of watching someone else’s story unfold in front of them on a screen, users in these worlds create and live out their own stories.Birdsong and a gentle breeze enliven the scene at dawn, and as you walk by a house later in the day you may hear music emanating from an open window.When people approach you to chat—their hands typing on an invisible keyboard to indicate that a line of dialogue will soon appear on your screen—their movements are slightly awkward.Like the ancient rite of the cartoon showing man’s best friend sitting at a computer screen: “On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.” The avatar is the most conspicuous online manifestation of people’s desire to try out alternative identities or project some private aspect of themselves.(The word, which originally described the worldly incarnation of the Hindu god Vishnu, was popularized in its cybersense by Neal Stephenson in his 1992 cult novel .) Broadly defined, “avatar” encompasses not only complex beings created for use in a shared virtual reality but any visual representation of a user in an online community.At the least, it may offer insights into its creator’s hidden tastes. is just one of a growing number of three-dimensional virtual worlds, accessible via the Internet, in which users, through an avatar, are able to play games or simply interact socially with thousands of people simultaneously.

By some estimates, more than 10 million people spend to a month to subscribe to online role-playing environments, with the number of subscribers doubling every year.Of course, the human behind the avatar controls the money in the real-world wallet.But the avatar, as a distinct creation of the user’s psyche, can influence its creator’s purchasing behavior and even make its own purchases of real-world products in the virtual world, deliverable to the user’s real-world door.At the least, avatars offer a window into people’s hidden preferences and a means for achieving sustained consumer engagement with a brand.The marketing initiatives of the few pathfinding companies working in this area point toward some methods that might be used in the future. The landscape of brown hills is dotted with often-fantastic buildings—some homes, some businesses—and a tantalizing array of information kiosks, drivable vehicles, and fanciful interactive objects just waiting to be investigated.When marketing online, “you want sustained engagement with the brand rather than just a click-through” to a purchase or product information, says Bonita Stewart, responsible for interactive marketing for Daimler Chrysler’s Jeep, Chrysler, and Dodge brands.