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Last year alone the organic reach of publishers on Facebook fell by a further 52%.

For those of you who aren't quite sure what I'm talking about, here's a quick overview of what a chatbot is: A chatbot is a service powered by rules, and sometimes artificial intelligence, that you interact with via a chat interface.

Every marketing channel suffers from fatigue at one stage.

Whether this is due to an increase of competition, rising costs of competing or hitting a ceiling of volume, every business will face the challenge of seeing diminishing returns on a once high-performing channel for them.

Instead, you can retain the connection with someone inside Facebook and improve the overall conversion rates to receiving an engagement.

Don't forget that you can also tap into platforms outside of Messenger as well, for example, Slack, Telegram and even SMS.

They acquired over 10 million new users within the first two weeks of launch and things were looking positive.

Many companies doubled-down on growing a community within the platform, hopeful of using it as a new and growing acquisition channel, but things didn't exactly pan out that way.This is great for the consumer because they don't need to leave the environment of Facebook to get access to the content they want, and it's hugely beneficial to Politico, as they're able to push on-demand content through to an increasingly engaged audience - oh, and they can also learn a bunch of interesting things about their audience in the process (I'll get to this shortly).There are a bunch of e-commerce stores taking advantage of chatbots as well.Not only that, but it's becoming more and more difficult to even reach someone's email inbox; Google's move to separate out promotional emails into their 'promotions' tab and increasing problems of email deliverability have been top reasons behind this.All that said, email is still an incredibly important channel for a lot of businesses and it undoubtedly still gets results.Google all but killed the social network in mid-2015 leaving a lot of early adopters licking their wounds.