Scott storch dating

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Scott storch dating

Still, seeing how A Tribe Called Quest honored Phife with , as well as with a performance at the Grammys last year, it’s likely that Phife’s friends and family will release the album soon as a final hat tip to the Five-Foot Assassin.Embed from Getty Images Go ahead and forget about .

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Q hinted in an Instagram post that the album’s content will feature a more personal, mature direction.Of course, that’s not the only Royce project that has us on our toes, but more on that later.Embed from Getty Images Sc Hoolboy Q’s last album, 2016’s , was a never-boring smorgasbord of trap, traditional gangsta rap, and psychedelic tunes.I wanted to give that message the best chance to be heard and consumed on the highest level.” Nipsey dropped the lead single and beautiful visuals to “Rap Niggas,” in December.Embed from Getty Images Cardi B might be the most successful rapper to have never dropped a proper retail album.If the project is anything like “I’m Not Racist,” we’ll all be in for a compelling, if uncomfortable, ride.

Embed from Getty Images It’s been nearly a year since Desha, the widow of the late Malik Taylor, announced that his posthumous studio album would drop in the first quarter of 2017.

Never fear; the follow up to 2014’s fan-favorite , told Beats 1’s Zane Lowe in November that the album was being mixed. “I can’t tell y’all when we’re gon’ drop it, but we’re just gon’ hit y’all out the blue.” These two have collaborated on one studio album and four EPs prior to Bandana, so expect flawless chemistry, as well as the imaginative production and steel-toed rhymes that graced will drop February 16, which coincides with NBA All-Star Weekend in his Los Angeles hometown.

It’s not yet known if the album will be similarly star-studded, but Hussle definitely upped the ante by partnering his label All Money In with Atlantic Records for the release.

5, and “No Limit” (with G-Eazy and A$AP Rocky) at No. However, Cardi doesn’t just want to drop a few hits and disappear, so she’s taking her time with her debut solo album. Sometimes I think is ready sometimes I think it’s not so I’m going to take my time till it’s right.” Look for the forthcoming album to eclipse , which dropped in January 2017 to the lowest of low reviews.

She tweeted in November, “I have a lot of pressure on me. Embed from Getty Images Peasants have been waiting a long time for the royal return of King Push.

While Barbie has kept details of the project close to the chest, she told Dazed in September 2017 that this “era” of her music will be the most impactful of her career. That’s why I’m not rushing the album, because it means so much to me.

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