Sara quin and kate cooper dating

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Sara quin and kate cooper dating - adam duritz dating

And all of it has actually gotten us even more excited to talk about music with you guys more often.And so the time has come for us to start seeing other artists.

‘Cause that’s how magic typically happens around here, free CDs and interns.

(Hint: She has been romantically involved with one ofthe Quin twins, whom she refers to as “the wrong one.”) as well as covers of “Careless Whisper” and “Are You That Somebody? and Aaliyah sound even better than before.(Go to the next page to listen to the Gossip’s cover of “Careless Whisper” and other songs mentioned in this month’s column.)Also this month, queer trio New Bloods release their debut, , on Kill Rock Stars; it’s a contemporary spin on riot grrrl (think Erase Errata). And if you’re going to see Tegan and Sara in concert this month, make sure to get there early to catch the lesbian-fronted duo An Horse.

Kate Cooper is the singer and guitarist for both An Horse and Australian band Iron On (whose EP I reviewed in January).

An Horse’s EP, , Midtown Dickens might be your newduo.

With clean, two-part harmonies and straightforward lyrics that aresarcastic bordering on silly, the ladies from Durham, N.

I hung out with Missy Higgins while she did her soundcheck in Chicago, and then we chatted in her dressing room, where she had an abundance of fruit available but wasreadying herself to dine at the swanky vegetarian restaurant the Green Zebrabefore her show.

I also chatted with Kaki King, who spilled some gossip that I tried to keep out of the article butfeel like I should share.Isabelle likes going to concerts and writing about them, which is fortunate for us ’cause she’s really good at it.lives in New York City where she interns for a record label and lists her two main interests as ‘queer things’ and ‘music’, which means ‘queer music’ is her bag.She has seen “Back to the Future” over a thousand times.Coincidentally, she’s lived there for a long time, in the same city as Sara Quin! She likes talking to her grandma on the phone, being domestic [but with sass], and making things with her hands.They’ve never met, but you know if they did they would hit it off right away. She’s definitely happiest warm, especially when blankets and heart-bending music are involved.In January 2009, Cantu's song "Devil's Thunder" was featured on ABC's "Private Practice." In February 2009, Cantu's self-titled EP was released.