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These were scanned from prints so the quality is not that great but perhaps you can use them. I know Roy and still am in contact with him on occasion through our Ham Radio hobby.I have a couple of photos of the people in a small District in which I worked as my first assignment at SWBT. Louis PBX Traffic Engineering District.7 or 8 people. If you would like to add these to your site I would be glad to send them to you.

This meant being on call and occasionally spending a few days at a time out of town doing routine maintenance on these small offices.

The following are actual stories told by former employees of the Bell System and current employees of the Baby Bells, AT&T, Lucent, and Bell Labs (minimal editing was done for spelling errors and clarity).

Besides the short stories on this page, we have included a story on a separate page written by George E.

To read his almost 50 page story, click My Dad Brad Bradfield grew up as a cowboy.

His parents homesteaded inside of what is now Badlands National Park on the wind blown prairie in Western South Dakota, and thats where my Dad was born and grew up.

After retiring from Northwestern Bell in 1976, Mom and Dad owned and operated Robbins Roost, a seasonal motel in Hill City, SD, and finally retired altogether to a house just north of Sheridan Lake in 1985.

Mom died in 2003 after 56 years of marriage, and a year later Dad sold his Sheridan Lake home, remarried to a wonderful lady, and moved to Arizona full-time. After Dad died, my brother and I were going through the very few possessions that Dad had left when in Dads nightstand I came across a small box that printed checks come in.Dad made many, many friends in his years with the telephone company, many of them life-long friends, and many of them came to his funeral in Hill City, SD in 2005 and saw Dad's pocket protector on display in the church foyer just as we found it after he died and as it's seen in the picture above.Even amongst many of the people at Dad's funeral that I didn't know, I could often tell who some of the old telephone men were from across the room.Louis metro area converted to DIAL service (from manual switchboards). The list was given to me by another District Engineering Manager when he retired and it carried the admonition, "Don't let this get away from you! I followed in the footsteps of my uncle and his father (going back to the 20's).Most of these dates were conversions to Panel equipment (ever hear of that? It was an easy transition from the Army to the Bell System as Bell was almost the same size, had similar rank and privileges and as much red tape.Dad liked working independently like this and was still maintaining these offices when he finally retired in 1976.