Rules of blind dating

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A friend g-chatted me today to say the girls in the deli she frequents for lunch offered to set her up with another guy who works in her office building (hence, inspiring this post).Um, other than perhaps a mutual love of turkey on wheat with a little mustard, what exactly do you know about these people that indicates they are a good match? Beware of the consequences: As in the situation above, people who work in the same office have infinite potential for awkward run-ins if the date goes poorly (not to mention they are both totally going to avoid your deli, whoops!

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No woman wants to sit there at the table by herself looking at her cell phone or the door.

This photo comes up with you search for "blind date" in our stock photos. As a person who is frequently guilty of the also annoying "Where have all the good men gone?

" lament, I probably should be grateful when someone tries to set me up, but I usually just want to crawl under my bed and hide.

I still don’t know if it really is a numbers game and we’re supposed to just keep putting ourselves out there or if a few years from now some study will come out that we were all crazy to try it this way (well, the other 77% of us, anyway).

But if you choose to go on these dates, just be proud of how brave you (both!

So don't laugh like a hyena or constantly flip your hair over your shoulder, you'll just look spastic.

Third rule of a blind date is to not expect too much.

Or you know, we could have just been wrong about them being a perfect match.

I caught his eye as I attempted to gracefully descend the steps into the bar where he sat waiting for me (don’t trip, don’t trip, don’t trip).

) are to do so—and chalk up the sour dates to great stories or learning experiences.

That moment a friend of a friend looks at you with a wicked gleam in their eye and says, " You know, I know someone who is just perfect for you!

So unless the guy has already previously stated that he likes to arrive early, aim to arrive five minutes late.