Rula jebreal dating

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Rula jebreal dating

Jebreal and Waters were introduced around five years ago by Durning and Jebreal’s husband, biotech entrepreneur Arthur Altschul Jr., from whom she is now separated.

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Her third book, Rejected, is a non-fiction study based on interviews with immigrants who have either made their way to successful careers in Italy or otherwise live on the margins of Italian society.

Months after splitting with wife number four Laurie Dunning, he seems to have found love again – with someone who seems to share his disdain for Israel.

Plus, their families didn’t get along.” Ironically, Jebreal and Waters got to know each other after they were introduced by his ex-wife Durning and Jebreal’s now-ex-husband, biotech entrepreneur Arthur Altschul Jr.

To the shock of both their exes, they then started a relationship. Rula had asked to meet Roger because he’s a vocal activist for Palestine.

“It was very weird for their former spouses, who introduced them . The two former couples have had dinner together many times.

They were all friends.” The source continued, “But after Roger split with his wife, he began an affair with Rula.

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; born 29 September 1936) is an Italian media tycoon and politician who served as Prime Minister of Italy in four governments. He is nicknamed Il Cavaliere (The Knight) for his Order of Merit for Labour, although he voluntarily resigned from this order in March 2014.

Arthur found out, and their marriage ended.” Reps for both Waters and Jebreal didn’t get back to us.

The Pink Floyd rocker, 73, was first romantically linked to the 43-year-old journalist and author in the early summer following his split from fourth wife Laurie Durning last year, but Page Six reports that the romance has come to an end.

Rula had asked to meet Roger because he’s a vocal activist for Palestine.