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errr, Step Up something) can all fit together in a neatly compact, 2-hour package. So all the dancers performed in pairs again this week – and the bottom 6 from last wee’s performances were picked from the bunch to face elimination at the hands of the judges. America always makes the wrong decision in these situations, I’m perfectly happy to give that power back to the hands of the Sovereign judging panel.Let’s talk about last night’s performances: Cole/Lindsey – a Jazzy/Hip Hop number about a nerd going to the dentist.

The results could be read in 2 minutes, yet at times, we are forced to sit through a full HOUR of ‘fluff’ – yes, shameless movie and upcoming TV show promotions, oh look whose in the audience, D- list performances by people who are coincidentally releasing a new album or going on tour, commercial breaks, video montages, recaps of what we JUST saw the night before…Who knew there would be a perfect song for that scenario. Good characters, high energy, kinda goofy but technically very sound – great way to start the show! Cole is a little bit of a ‘TRY-hard’, and I think he needs to snap out of it.Getting into character is one thing, pretending you are NOT in character, but that the character has embodied you is an entirely different and awkward viewing situation.Post-workout, the actress - who came to prominence in Disney's High School Musical - was make-up free as she replenished her energy.Her dark glossy tresses were covered by a baseball cap, as she attempted to go below radar.The Spring Breakers beauty has bounced back with the new gig since NBC dropped the guillotine on her fledgling DC Comics sitcom Powerless.

According to Deadline, the comedy and superhero hybrid show had been earning 'soft' ratings. But Vanessa Hudgens was also sharing the love for her feline friends as she put on the leggy display in West Hollywood on Friday.The 28-year-old flashed her toned abs in a cropped top which read Yeah Pussy, as she picked up a fresh juice from Earth Bar.DWTS has this inane format down to a Japanese war torturous tee.Results shows are useless – and SYTYCD has just proven, that the performances and the results (plus a few shameless plugs for SYTYCD: The Movie…) and they embraced that opportunity with every fibre. They both received a lot of help from the editing crew, giving them camera time during audition stages. I wasn’t a huge fan of this piece, I don’t know if it was the dancers or the choreography. The choreographers had Eliana dance AROUND him for the majority of the time, and gave him plenty of lifts to showcase strength over technique. he did not come across as completely out of his league. Dancers are not ‘eliminated’ they are just not America’s favourite. Girls: Janaya , Alexa and Whitney Boys: Chehon, Nick and Daniel.