Reiko mackenzie dating

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Reiko mackenzie dating

He was Sun News Lal before he changed his name to Sunny Mackenzie after the trial.

Click on through for all the tea on the salacious MURDER trial that was the talk of Vancouver! You are going to need to fill your glasses up before you sit with this one. Reiko’s husband is Sunny Mac Kenzie, aka Sun Mac Kenzie, aka Sun News Mac Kenzie aka Sun News Lal.Not one to back down from a challenge, she took a big risk and started a catering company with only 0.00.Over time, she grew the company into a multi-million dollar business and now refers to herself as “Martha Stewart on acid.” This Vancouver mother of three also owns West Vancouver boutique specializing in high-end luxury labels, as well as a baby-wear store.Ronnie Seterdahl Negus, a married mom of five who lives in a waterfront-gated area of West Vancouver.She owns four houses side-by-side, a yacht, private jet and a 200-acre Napa Valley vineyard.It was nice chatting with familiar faces and meeting new people.

One of my super nice Canookian friends who is in the know in Vancouver just gave me some really great tea about the husband of Reiko Mac Kenzie on Real Housewives of Vancouver that is the buzz of the watercooler this morning.

An avid traveller, the six-foot Vancouver beauty finds women to be competitive and backstabbing so, she keeps her list of girlfriends short.

Her best friend is her outspoken and much sought after hair stylist, Kevin Chase.

This sociable and alpha personality loves her charity work, a good party and secret.

The Real Housewives of Vancouver joins Orange County, New York City, Atlanta, New Jersey, Beverly Hills, Miami, D.

I had a quick chat with I kept walking and found myself at the starting point near the elevators.