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An hour straight of trampoline dodgeball is both incredible fun and a serious work out.

Please avoid publishing personal data that could be easily obtained by the wide public and consequently abused online.

It’s true – you can have a great time without drinking.

If you’re stumped for your next birthday and want to do something a little out of the box, we’ve compiled a list of kids birthday party ideas for adults.

We recently attended a “trampoline dodgeball” birthday that brought us right back to the good old days of pizza, pop and party rooms.

While there was no alcohol in sight, it was one of the more memorable and fun nights we’ve shared with friends in a while.

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After the game (and lots of water) the party room is all yours and comes with pizza and unlimited pop (yes! And if you have the energy and are so inclined, there happens to be the Amsterdam brewery next door to keep the party going.

Note: Remember to bring socks, since you’re required to wear special Sky Zone shoes while trampolining.

Get your friends on board and throw the party of the year.

Grab your shorts, t-shirt and sweat band, if you have one, because things are going to get intense.

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