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While many Qataris speak more than one language, it is very rare for immigrants to learn Arabic.Interactions between Arabs and foreign workers are conducted in English or the language of the expatriate. Symbols of national identity include the family, items associated with the nation's past, and images of the ruler.

Neighboring countries include Bahrain to the northwest, Iran to the northeast, and the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia to the south.Qatar and Bahrain both claim the uninhabited Hawar Islands just west of Qatar.Until recently, only small semipermanent seasonal encampments existed in the interior desert.Farsi, the official language of Iran, is also widely spoken by families that trace their descent from that country.As a result of the influx of foreign workers, many other languages are commonly spoken, including English, Urdu and Hindi, Malalayam, and Tagalog.Its parks, promenade, and award-winning waterfront architecture are considered as the centerpiece of Doha.

The large-scale land reclamation project undertaken by the government to create those waterfront properties is recognized as a major engineering feat and a symbol of the country's economic and technological advancements.

When Britain announced its intention to withdraw from the region, Qatar considered joining a federation with Bahrain and the seven Trucial States.

However, agreement could not be reached on the terms of federation, and Qatar adopted a constitution declaring independence in 1971.

Qataris often employ an idiom of kinship and/or tribalism, referring to compatriots as "brother," "sister," or "cousin." This linguistic convention signals the inclusion of those sharing citizenship while excluding foreign workers.

Images and ideas associated with desert nomadism and maritime trade that are used to evoke Qatar's past include Bedouin tents and carpets, falcons used for hunting, camels, weapons, sailing vessels, and pearls and pearl diving equipment.

Traditional architectural features also serve as national symbols, such as the wind towers that cooled homes before the introduction of electricity and the carved gypsum panels on buildings erected before 1940.