Query for updating a node in a hierarchial tree structure

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Query for updating a node in a hierarchial tree structure - reunied dating

Every aspect of Infinispan that can be configured declaratively can also be configured programmatically In fact, declarative configuration, behind the scenes, invokes programmatic configuration API as the XML configuration file is being processed.One can even use a combination of these approaches.

Once the configuration file is read you can obtain reference to the default cache instance.Let’s assume that a new synchronously replicated cache is to be configured programmatically.First, a fresh instance of Configuration object is created using Configuration Builder helper object, and the cache mode is set to synchronous replication.Finally, the configuration is defined/registered with a manager.specifies a replicated cache as a default and that a distributed cache is desired with a specific L1 lifespan while at the same time retaining all other aspects of a default cache.For more details on the declarative configuration schema, refer to the configuration reference.

If you are using XML editing tools for configuration writing you can use the provided Infinispan schema to assist you.Infinispan is a distributed in-memory key/value data store with optional schema, available under the Apache License 2.0.It can be used both as an embedded Java library and as a language-independent service accessed remotely over a variety of protocols (Hot Rod, REST, Memcached and Web Sockets). This comprehensive document will guide you through every last detail of Infinispan.Because of this, it can be a poor starting point if you are new to Infinispan.One of the major goals of Infinispan is to aim for zero configuration.