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After the liberalisation of the Indian economy, Gurdaspur emerged as a commercial center of wholesalers and distributors of consumer goods and services, catering to Himachal Pradesh, J&K and northwest Punjab. Factories include Jiya lal Mittal rice mill situated on NH 15. Sahowalia rice mill and Sri Nangali flour mills near bypass.

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Gurdaspur is an economically prosperous city compared to many other towns of the Punjab or Himachal Pradesh. Behrampur town, where the Maqbara (mausoleum) of Bairam Khan is situated, is 10 km away.Dinanagar city, which was the capital of the kingdom of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, is 12 km away.She tried for three years but did not get the required IELTS score. FACELESS AGENTSIn July, Gurbaksh and Reena were dropped off at the Delhi airport by the family. The mother was flown out first and the daughter three days later — to Saudi Arabia, not Malaysia.“I worked for a family with 15 members, including 10 children. The pattern involves a tweet by a political leader and the embassy then locating and deporting them.In several cases, there is a contradiction as to whether the women went to the police or were handed over by “owners” after the case got highlighted.The total literate population was 1,668,339, consisting of 928,264 males and 740,075 females. Rev: Trident battle-axe, tree with railing, Brahmi legend identical in content to the obverse.

Gurdaspur, a major city of Punjab, was founded by Guriyaji Mahant in the 17th century.

The male and female literacy rates were 85.90% and 75.70%, respectively.

For the 2001 census, the rates were 79.80% and 67.10% respectively. Obv: Standing figure, probably of Vishvamitra, Kharoshthi legend, around: Mahadevasa Dharaghoshasa/Odumbarisa "Great Lord King Dharaghosha/Prince of Audumabara", across: Viçvamitra "Vishvamitra".

Gurbaksh says she was left on the road with a knife in hand.

“The police arrested me, from where the return process began.”IS IT THAT SIMPLE?

The place forms the northernmost part of the state.