Pros and cons of dating in high school

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There are lakes for swimming and tubing, the bars downtown, good restaurants, live music, etc. There are tons of positives to living in Austin, but I don’t want to idealize the situation, so let’s talk about the negatives too.

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I had a long conversation with my therapist yesterday about my post-graduation plans and she suggested that I choose the place where I think I will have the best quality of life. So I decided I will make a list of each location I am considering and compare them.

My grandfather and my cousins also live within a 3 hour drive.

I would love to be close to my family and be able to see them whenever I want without it costing 0 for a plane ticket and day worth of travel time.

I’m not sure if I will post each list, but for today I will start with Texas, specifically Austin, because that is my top choice.

Factors to consider which will affect my quality of life: Family: My mom and sister live in Austin.

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