Prior to updating sysdatabases entry for database

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Prior to updating sysdatabases entry for database - ryan reynolds traylor howard dating

Basically you have to normalize your database upto 3 levels 1st normal form 2nd normal form 3rd normal form Normalization is the process of organizing data to minimize redundancy is called normalization. Multiple transactions inserting in a single table 48. Invoke the defncopy program directly from the operating system. It is a utility to copy the data from a table to flat file and vice versa 51. To determine the bcp mode that is best for your copying task, consider the Size of the table into which you are copying data Amount of data that you are copying in Number of indexes on the table Amount of spare database device space that you have for re-creating indexs Fast bcp might enhance performance; however, slow bcp gives you greater data recoverability. But by default, primary key creates a clustered index on the column, where are unique creates a nonclustered index by default. Table Locks There are three types of table locks: * intent * shared * exclusive intent Intent locks indicate the intention to acquire a shared or exclusive lock on a data page.The goal of database normalization is to decompose relations with anomalies in order to produce smaller, well-structured relations. defncopy provides a non-interactive way of copying out definitions (create statements) for views, rules, defaults, triggers, or procedures from a database to an operating system file. Another major difference is that, primary key doesn’t allow NULLs, but unique key allows one NULL only. Intent locks are used to prevent other transactions from acquiring shared or exclusive locks on the given page.

Note: dump database immediately afterward to copy the entire database, including the log. There are times when there is absolutely no space left in the tran log, and you will have to use the no_log option which truncates the tran log but does not write into the transaction log. It is a process of designing database schema, where in eliminating the redundancy of columns and inconsistency of database. When a static parameter is modified,the server must be rebooted for the effect to take place. v) wider columns vi) large number of rows vii) in version 12 we have buildserver, here we have dataserver 64. It is nothing but assigning indexes to a table, so that query optimizer will prepare a query plan for a table & update the values in a table. Only one connection may have an exclusive lock on a given data page. The PKI Certificate Verification MP was a jointly developed by Raphael Burri, Pete Zerger and Jaime Correia, specifically for release on the System Center site.An article on MP authoring by the same authors uses the PKI Certificate Verification MP as a sample to explain the concepts and procedures of writing a Management Pack.Attending Sybase DBA interview is not an easy task. First I will intimate to all the application mangers and they will send an alert message to all the users regarding the down time.You have to use your expertise and experience to answer to the point based on your environment. Explain your education, Family background and work experience. Then I will look into the errorlog and take relevant action based on the error message, If I couldn’t solve the issue, I will intimate to my DBA manager further log the case with Sybase as priority P1 (System down). What will you do If you heard Server performance is down? check the status of the server (using ps –eaf |grep servername) or with showserver at OS level or try to login if it fails we should understand that server is not up … Altogether we have 4 ASE servers on 4 different Solaris boxes Out of them 2 or productions boxes ,1 is UAT and 1 is Dev servers On production boxes we have 2 cpus on each box, on UAT we have 2 cpus and on Dev server 4 cpus.

Make sure that we run the update statistics and recompile the stored procedures sp_recompile on regular basis, also check the database fragment level, if necessary defrag exercise, run thesp_sysmon , sp_monitor and analyze from the output like cpu utilization etc., 8. Based on the query first will run the set show plan on to see how the query is being executed, and analyze the output, based on the output will tune the query, if necessary we should create indexes on the used tables. Yes, we can, say for example we create the SPs to check the fragment level etc., etc., 13.When to use dump transaction that truncate_ only or with no_log When the log is on the same segment as the data. – In such cases we can first bring to db to single user using sp_dboptions and then we can rename that db and then we can rerun the sp_dboptions command to remove the single user mode. Is there a column to which a default can’t be bound?Dump transaction with truncate only to truncate the log. Ans: A default is a value that will be used by a column, if no value is supplied to that column while inserting data. Biggest database size is 30GB No of users 5000 in production. then we have to start the server after looking the errorlogs. check the status of the database (sp_helpdb) check the schedule cron job check whether any process is blocked (sp_who and sp_lock) see if we have to take backups / load database check the errorlog 4. master, model, tempdb, sybsystemprocs, sysbstemdb optional db’s pubs2,pubs3, sybsecurity, audit, dbccdb 5. Total we have 180 databases, [email protected] prod and 60 @ dev.And also based on the output I will check whether the optimizer is picking the right plan or not, run the optdiag to check when the last we had run the update statistics as optimization of the query depends on the statistics, run the sp_recompile, so that the stored procedures will pick the new plan based on the current statistics. What all the precautions you will take to avoid the same type of problem? What u need to do is issue an ASE kill command on the connection then un-suspend the db? What command helps you to know the process running on this port, but only su can run this command?