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Consequently, supporters of this theory called for the abdication of such rulers, the end of the aristocratic system, and the end of militarism—all of which justified American entry into the war once Czarist Russia dropped out of the Allied camp. He also acknowledged variations of militarism that, in his opinion, existed within the British and French political systems.Wilson hoped the League of Nations and universal disarmament would secure a lasting peace, although he failed to secure U. Lenin famously asserted that the worldwide system of imperialism was responsible for the war.

The patriotic enthusiasm, unity and ultimate euphoria that took hold during the Spirit of 1914 was full of that very optimism regarding the post-war future.

Humanity should learn from the legacy of this war that war cannot end war—it can only lead to more violence.

The higher principle of peaceful resolution of differences attracted much interest after 1918 when the League of Nations was formed, but the nations of the world were unwilling to establish this as an effective body, being reluctant to give it any real power. did not join and league members tended to act in their own interest, rather than in that of all members.

A major naval arms race in shipbuilding developed, related to the concept of new imperialism, furthering the interest in alliances. (Kennedy, 1997) Additionally, this concentration kept related industries active and unemployment down while minimizing internal strife through the focus on a common, patriotic goal.

Different scholars have different opinions about the degree to which the arms race was itself a cause of the war.

This argument proved persuasive in the immediate wake of the war and assisted in the rise of Marxism and Communism.

Lenin's 1917 pamphlet "Imperialism: The Highest Stage of Capitalism" made the argument that large banking interests in the various capitalist-imperialist powers had pulled the strings in the various governments and led them into the war.

Conflict on two fronts meant that Germany had to eliminate one opponent quickly before attacking the other, relying on a strict timetable.

France's well defended border with Germany meant that an attack through Belgian (and possibly Dutch) territory was necessary, creating a number of unexpected problems.

In this he drew upon the economic theories of English economist John A.

Hobson, who, in his 1902 book entitled Imperialism had earlier predicted that the outcome of economic imperialism, or unlimited competition for expanding markets, would lead to a global military conflict.

President Woodrow Wilson had been one of its chief architects but the U. Bosnia and Herzegovina On June 28, 1914, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austrian throne, was assassinated in Sarajevo by Gavrilo Princip of Young Bosnia, a group whose aims included the unification of the South Slavs and independence from Austria.