Physicans dating patients

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So if our doctor starts "seeing" a local woman or man, he or she risks running afoul of the "no overlap" rule.So, our doctor has the option of dating only residents of the next county or ordering a bride or groom by mail.

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Plans and physician groups should look at their internal norms and written policies, and consider how they'd respond to such scenarios, given current administrative standards.

You, who are medical directors out there, please consider how you would react to a request for an out-of-network referral based on "personal reasons." The geographic reality doesn't create the ethical bind, but a contractual restriction.

I'd counsel any MCO or physician group facing this issue to step out of the way instantly.

Suppose our small-town doctor becomes smitten with a local beau or belle.

Let's say both fully understand the potential conflict of interest that arises if the doctor prescribes penicillin for a strep throat.

The subject of physician-patient boundaries illustrates how well-intentioned policy can be written in a way that is simply too shallow to serve the goals of ethics.

If you've sat on a credentials committee, disciplinary panel, or medical-licensing board, you surely reviewed cases of physician-patient sexual involvement.

In an effort to refine how the "no overlap" principle should be applied, I'd like to throw a small monkey wrench at this naively simplistic construct.

In reducing human behavior to coldly formal, mechanistic terms, we tend to get tripped up.

Like the AMA, Colorado doesn't specify how long after a romantic relationship ceases a medical one might begin, stating only that they must not be "concurrent." Other states address — or do not address — this issue with varying degrees of explicitness.

Mental health professionals set even stricter standards.

I confess that my wife and I, both licensed practitioners, have violated the "no overlap" principle on numerous occasions with each other.