Php ini not updating

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Php ini not updating - guys and dating games

My Wordpress theme system status reads in red: WP Memory Limit: [?

Below we will outline the steps needed to create and modify a htaccess file with the lines needed to set the PHP version.usp=sharing after updating the file I've tried: UPDATE!I have deleted both the files on my system in etc/php5/cli and etc/php5/apache2 and restarted but it still says its loading the config from etc/php5/apache2 hos is this possible when I've completely removed the file?I can't seem to get my max_upload_filesize to change despite updating the the file.Here is a screenshot of the loaded config file, upload_max_filesize in the phpinfo() and the open along side it: Shp ACJHc FV6YU9XMkdy R0E/view?Everything seems to be working fine, except that changes made to are not reflected in phpinfo().

For example, I turned on register_globals, restarted Apache, yet phpinfo() reports register_globals as "Off".I updated the PHP config to 32K memory usage and 32 K max file upload... I stopped and started Apache, but phpinfo() is still showing 16 memory and 2 M max file upload (as does XOOPS) so, what do we need to do to get PHP to actually update to the new settings in php.ini?I'm trying to update the max filesize that is uploadable through PHP, to be able to upload a large database through phpmyadmin.I am updating the file in C:\Program Files\xampp\php.I then restarted the computer and tried again--no luck. I have discovered that some of the settings are not reading properly, ini_get() and phpinfo() display different from what is in the file.