Parenting age difference in dating

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Parenting age difference in dating - updating bsd 7

When my husband and I decided to start a family, we moved to the small island city of Vitória. Until last year, I taught economics at a high school but am now focusing on writing my first young adult novel.

We go to the beach early in the morning but never bring anything to eat.I’ve got my jacket on, too, because it’s freezing.” Meanwhile, I’m wearing a T-shirt.On being a dual citizen: Everyone was really excited about the Olympics being held in Rio.On visiting America: When we visit my family in Atlanta, Audrey speaks English with them.On our last trip, however, we went to a playground, and I saw a little girl talking to Audrey and shaking her head, like she didn’t understand.(Audrey’s favorite is A Sick Day for Amos Mc Gee.) Although I’ve heard that things are changing, reading is just not as big of a part of the culture here.

Recently, a Brazilian friend came back from a resort vacation in Florida and said that when she went to the pool every single person was reading a book.

On reading: One of my favorite things about being a parent is reading with Audrey at night.

There are a few famous Brazilian children’s authors, like Ana Maria Machado, but most of the kids books here have been translated from English.

I didn’t speak any Portuguese, and I struggled with the crime, pollution and traffic in Rio.

But once I let go of my initial expectations of the city (which took about a year, honestly), I realized what Rio lacks in infrastructure, it makes up for in culture and natural beauty.

On beach days: We go to the beach every weekend, year round.