Overcoming online dating

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(Side note: I actually read a while ago of someone who became paralyzed and did not get to make this a voluntary choice.

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And I find additional small activities or interests that work with me from time to time along the way. But there are other aspects of that gap too that are not just spiritual. Be kind to yourself and do not underestimate your successes while overestimating the challenges or disappointments. If I had known for sure upfront that I would still not be rid of the desires even after this long, yes, I would have made the choice I did. Just because we cannot have what we desperately want (immediate recovery) does not mean the longer path should be ignored.Perhaps it is not realistic to expect it to fully disappear. Usually the stages of grief get forced onto a person by events beyond their control.It is not so when quitting crossdressing is made as a voluntary choice.Thank you so much for all of you who have commented since my last post.I really do appreciate your comments, insights and support.I want to thank those who keep similar blogs to this one and who comment and share with others.

It is important that people know and can see that while our choice to change is challenging, there is a way for anyone who really looks for it and is willing to invest in and work just as hard at establishing the habits of recovery as we did establishing the patterns of our fixation. I still find that it seems to go in waves or cycles.

Certainly as I have observed, that retained choice makes it easy to change one’s mind and back out if one wants.

How many people voluntarily choose to put themselves through those stages?

It has been 2 years and 10 months now without crossdressing.

I continue to live sober and somewhat more peacefully.

Parenting is a blessing to the parents in ways I had not ever expected. You can choose not to do something you want because other choices are also good choices. For me being honest about my feelings/desire helps my choice last because I know I made an informed choice and not a decision that pretended the desire was not real.