Oracle if inserting or updating

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Oracle if inserting or updating - lbfm dating

Sounds pretty similar the problem outlined above, except that merge wants the new records to be in a staging table.

But, also it is calling BEFORE INSERT trigger which has been defined at #1 on T1.The next time the trigger is invoked, it is recompiled.Hello Tom- my requirement is When a record is inserted into ERR table, a post-event trigger will fire updating the D field to accept sys date (3 columns has to update in my original requirement).A trigger defined on a database fires for each event associated with all users.One use of triggers is to enforce business rules that apply to all client applications.My requirement is when effective_date = current_date it should update and if it is not equal then it should insert.

It is working but while inserting if we modify any data then it is not reflecting.For example, suppose that data added to the table must have a certain format, and that many client applications can add data to this table.A trigger on the table can ensure the proper format of all data added to it.where employee_id = i_employee_id; if sql%rowcount = 0 then -- no rows were updated, so the record does not exist insert into employees ( ... ); end if; end; When any SQL statement is executed in PLSQL, the SQL%ROWCOUNT variable will contain the number of rows affected (in this case updated) by the most recent query. The MERGE statement takes a list of records which are usually in a staging table, and adds them to a master table.In this case, if it contain zero, it means the update failed to find any rows to update and therefore the record needs to be inserted instead. If the record exists in the master table, it should be updated with the new values in the staging table, otherwise insert the record from the staging table.You can disable an enabled trigger, and enable a disabled trigger.