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This stamp issue, released on 20 September 2016, is the first issued by Australia Post for Norfolk Island.

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They might be incidentals but basically their only real revenue raiser was a 12 per cent GST which was on everything.'He says the vast majority of people on the island were in favour of joining the Australian tax system, but the loss of self-government was a sticking point.'The way it is being portrayed is as if self-government has always existed on Norfolk Island.Release date: 20 September 2016 Norfolk Island is home to a number of bird species, including over 20 species of seabirds that can be seen from coastal areas, including popular vantage points Captain Cook Monument and Bird Rock.Nepean Island, Phillip Island and the smaller islets off the Norfolk coastline are important breeding areas for these interesting and varied seabird species.The Norfolk Island Act was passed in 1979, giving the island limited autonomy.After the passing of the Norfolk Island Act, a legislative assembly—similar to one that governs the ACT—was established.She says the current governance arrangements are stunting the island's economic growth.

'Each time I've been up there I've seen a further deterioration of the economic situation—more shops closed, more industries going under, and more people leaving the island, and that is of great concern,' she says.But, Maywald says, the locals weren't happy with that.They communicated their feelings in no uncertain terms to then home affairs minister Bob Ellicott, who quite surprisingly agreed to make them self-governing.Maywald says Norfolk effectively lost its duty-free status when the GST came in.'Things that were taxed at a very high rate on the mainland, so-called luxury sales taxes on things like perfumes and alcohol and some appliances and jewellery, they were extremely cheap in Norfolk Island because they didn't have that sales tax,' he says.'Tourists used to come there for a week and pay for their fares with all the savings they made on their purchases.'The Norfolk Islanders weren't compensated, and the tax changes damaged their tourism.'From then on most tourists were retired people or people on fixed incomes,' Maywald says.Then in 2008, tourism took a further dive as the GFC made it difficult for older people to travel, while the high Australian dollar made overseas holidays more attractive.Ever since the descendants of the Bounty mutineers made Norfolk Island their home, there has been debate about the independence of the island.