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That is the main generating rooms sorted, save for facias and soffits.Next is the other roofs that are temporarily felted until we have time (and funds) for another bash.

This little gem of a wooden building once provided electricity to the whole village of Herstmonceux before 1909, including giving electric cooking demonstrations by 1913, illustrating a development of battery storage for nighttime and generating capacity by motor during the day.Many of this chaps inventions (cars and boats) are soon to be on virtual display as a digital time capsule alongside other artifacts in honour of the two extremely progressive people (one still alive at the time of writing), who operated from the premises.The building itself is a monument to science; technology in action and in the digital age.You can see for yourself that the whole unit was geared to generating and storing electricity in fairly large quantities.A 36 horsepower generator working at 75% overall efficiency would produce 26.85 kilowatts of energy.During the occasional dry day we managed some timberwork ready for a sprint when we can get back into gear to move forward with our schedule of urgent works.

For example, we have no rainwater goods (gutters and down pipes) and the roof needs urgent attention.RAF HERSTMONCEUX: One reason that the buildings survived is that during WW2, they were large enough to serve as accommodation for wounded RAF aircrew, working with the early warning radar station at RAF Wartling and Beachy Head.Lime House across an on the other side of Lime Park was used to billet RAF officers.If the engine was run from nine o'clock in the morning until five o'clock in the afternoon it would make 214.85k W of electricity.At 0.172 pence per unit that would be worth 37 pounds a day today.Today you could store 215k W in one Tesla truck battery.