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In years past, the cub appeared on for the apparently adorable gimmick.

The Stearns clan transported their big cats–quickly and without regard to the animals’ safety–in a bid to defy PETA and the federal magistrate who had scheduled an inspection of the tigers at the facility, PETA alleges.Everything they do to us, we gonna do to them, except we gonna do legal stuff ,” continues the 58 -year-old Stearns. He always does, always has and always will this time ,” he said.” Don’t mean it’s easy .” PETA requested, and a magistrate granted, a site inspection to observe the tigers and the zoo’s treatment of them, saying the visit by a team of experts was ” necessary and permissible” because the animals'” behaviour and physical condition are central to the claims at issue in this lawsuit .” But the animal park shipped off about two dozen tigers in the weeks before an inspection could be conducted.When that court-ordered site visit came due in early August, the Stearns family and 20 supporters kept federal marshals at the zoo gates for 30 minutes, the .” I was profusely sweating merely standing in[ the] shade …because it was hot as blazes ,” Bowen said, adding that she hosed down the tigers and gave them water to drink.One supporter even mocked the empty cages, screaming,” Get some shots of the tigers, guys. There’s none here .” The zoo posted video from the inspection on You Tube, under the heading,” Terrorist Group PETA contravening a court order during an inspection# 1.”( In response to the title, James said,” I don’t know what laws they think we violated frankly .”) Days after the inspection, Kenneth Stearns told fans in a Facebook video,” They know they ain’t got nothing. When the inspection squad arrived, they found a crude homemade wooden sign at the front gate that said,” Shut due to PETA terrorist death menace .” Indeed, apparently to avoid the survey, Kathy Stearns and her hubby, Kenneth, shipped 19 tigers to Oklahoma in a livestock trailer without air conditioning, according to the PETA lawsuit.

In affidavits, witness claimed the tigers, some of which were pregnant, didn’t have food or water.” Them five terrorists that come in here, yeah, their images is gonna be on there, too …we’ll make’ em famous ,” said Stearns, apparently referring to a showdown between the zoo and PETA inspectors the week before. You know, they don’t know this is a two-way street, y’all.According to Bowen, Stearns’ crew was in a hurry and left after 20 minutes.Bowen caught up with Kathy and Kenneth Stearns on Aug. During the meeting, Kathy Stearns told Bowen that PETA had sued her, and that she moved the tigers because she wanted to get them out before an inspection occurred, according to the affidavit.One day in October, Randy Stearns walked out to a Florida campfire, dressed in a fringed leather top like a modern-day Davy Crockett.” Hello, friends, Randy the Tiger Man ,” the animal trainer greeted the camera, which was set between a teepee and totem pole out in the woods near his family’s Dade City zoo.