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They don’t have any kind of compatibility testing so you won’t get to filter the results in the order of closest matches. We give plus points for the little alert box in the top right that makes a little sound when someone views your profile (although we heard that feature will soon be removed and will be available for paying members only), messages you or comes online – you can change the alert settings so you’re only notified of things you want – it’s a nice feature though that keeps things fun and interesting as you move around the site.

Overall dating-experts is happy to recommend the oasis dating site.

It is a down to earth provider that seems to have used its policy of white labelling (creating different brands that all link to the same database) to effectively bring considerable numbers of active users to its site; users who seem nonetheless to have something in common.

At dating-experts we strive to provide you with our best tips and ideas, but the acid test for you should be what the site looks like post-registration.

Does the Oasis dating site have many profiles local to you that you would like to meet?

So you will find that if you type Oasis Dating site, Oasis dating uk, Oasis Active or just plain old Oasis into google, the results will lead you to a very similar looking page.

This is a marketing technique, but need not put you off the brand, which remains the same across all these slight variations of its name and links all to the same basic product.

As well as your main profile picture (which is optional but recommended) you can add several more gallery photos which you can make public or private.

There’s also a box on the right where you can see a list of all your contacts on the site.

Free site that isn’t actually free – we’re not a big fan of that.

And that’s where our Oasis dating review winds up, good luck if you decide to join or try some alternative dating sites below.

This is a clever strategy from Oasis dating UK and seems to work reasonably well for both them and their customers.