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The only thing better than French kissing his mother and slapping her naked ass was her allowing him to strip her naked.

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Totally forbidden, yet so very sexually exciting, he imagined masturbating his mother. I'm still so horny," she said slurring her words again.Maybe if she was drunk enough and horny enough, he'd not only kiss his mother, French kiss his mother but also slap her naked ass.Maybe if she was drunk enough and horny enough, she'd not only allow him to kiss her, French kiss her, but also allow him slap her naked ass forty time with one for good luck.Now, he suddenly had an image of his mother on her knees and blowing strippers.In the way that he watched his mother suck Ralph's cock from his bedroom window while masturbating himself, and in the way that he imagined his mother sucking the cocks of four or more strippers, he imagined his mother sucking his prick too. * * * * * John helped his mother inside and as soon as he closed the front door, his mother pushed him against the door and kissed him.'I'd love nothing more than to strip my mother naked while French kissing her,' he thought.

Not stopping there with his sexual fantasy, after stripping his mother naked, he dreamt of having incestuous sex with his naked mother.Imagining taking sexual advantage of his mother, he imagined pulling her over his knee.He imagined lifting up her short skirt, pulling down her white, bikini panties, and slapping her naked ass forty times with one for good luck.Imagining her being too drunk to undress herself, he imagined undressing her.He imagined removing her blouse before removing her short skirt. Maybe she'd be too drunk to remember me undressing her, seeing her naked body, and touching and feeling her everywhere that a son should never touch and feel his naked mother,' thought John.As if he had really undressed his mother, stripped her naked, he dreamt of his mother naked.

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