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How did they manage to mind control us into believing that we are inherently ugly and need layers of fabric to cover up our ugliness?We have been sentenced to life in prison, the prison of body shame that is. The good news is that humanity is going through a major spiritual transformation. Catholic Church couldn’t stand sexual freedom, they couldn’t stand body freedom, they had no mercy for anyone who held beliefs different from theirs. Their deadly toxic ideology is based on nothing but guilt, fear, shame and self-hate. The more we hide from our true selves the more separated we become from ourselves and from each other.We are all waking up to who we truly are and shedding layers of who we are not. It is a part of the global shift of consciousness, of global awakening of the heart, soul, mind and body. They destroyed freedom of thought, freedom of expression, sexual freedom. Telling children that they will burn in hell is the worst form of hate speech. We need to identify its cancerous tumors that have spread throughout our minds and souls, we need to remove them and heal from them. True love knows no judgement, no hate, no separation.They glorify the idea of a human being getting tortured to death to absolve us from our sins. It seems being a Hispanic woman comes with one of the best stereotypes ever—being extremely hot.In such times of need, there’s one woman who can give you just that: Austin Taylor. Continue reading → - 08/17/12 Jada Stevens: what might possibly be the most blessed balance between a cute, horny face, all-natural medium-sized breasts, and a fat, out-of-control ass.

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