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Getting around is usually very easy but transportation can really dig a hole in your pocket.Although Japan is expensive, there are a variety of passes for foreigners that can make travel more affordable.

Make sure to get a trip cost estimate from the driver.Check out the Travelex cash card – it’s usually the best value way of getting money out of ATMs.You should always have some emergency cash hidden on you and I’ve written an entire post on the best places to hide your money.It’s fairly straightforward to sort out your Japanese visa before you arrive!Japan has one of the world’s best transport systems.Be sure to check out the Guide to Japanese Visas for more information and then get the visa if required!

There are lots of international ATMs but many of these, charge pretty insane withdrawal fees so it’s advisable to avoid small ATM transactions and get out a bunch of cash at once – just make sure you hide it well.

By bus – Long-distance highway buses serve many routes covered by trains at significantly lower prices, but take much longer than the and let’s agree, they are much less cooler! Be sure to check the price before you venture into one. By taxi – There are taxis available everywhere in Japan.

They are very clean and comfortable but can be pretty damn expensive.

Boats are generally cheaper than airfares but their schedules can be unreliable, and travel times long and tedious.

Unless you’re travelling with cargo, spending two days on a ferry is really no fun.

Though it is close to impossible to hitch a ride in Tokyo and other large cities, it gets easier as you move away from major cities.

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