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She is particularly fond of mindless first-person shooters and fighting games, and she is shown to dislike old games. Anne-Marie is a sculptural black-haired girl; she is the female equivalent of the Spy in TF2.

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She was the first of the five who was introduced and serves as the second-in-command and a foil to Jo, the leader of the five, and the landlord for their apartment.

The obvious assumption would be that he is thinking about other women.

This meme challenges that theory - and reveals the complex thoughts that are actually swimming around his head.

If you grew up in the 1990's, you probably remember Nerf's action packed advertisements - especially the one starring Devon Sawa of Casper fame.

You may not believe it, but Nerf has given us more than silly advertisements and foam dart-filled fun.

She developed a protective relationship with Alek, while later she became Angie's daughter by her own volition.

Blueprinting Main Station The Easy Way Simple Method Community Q&A If you are a paintball, airsoft, or a Nerf fan, you are probably going to be having a fight soon, or you could be having a leap of courage, and you are reading this as you play.She is given to do streaming shows full of fanservice, and she likes to cosplay.Maggie is a Canon Immigrant from "Engie's Game" who joined the 5 girls in their apartment while pursuing Angie's hard hat.I'm tired of getting into 1v1 fights against a character that throws out random balls of death and has 2 bombs that do massive damage and losing the fight.He is so OP that he is used in every offense and defense of set up and I'm tired of it.mercenary classes that initially took places in TF2-related comics until they were given names, distinct personalities, and gaming preferences; in time, as the game's popularity waivered, the girls are featured in a different array of games.

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