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As with the recent close pass of 45P/H-M-P on February 11th, it's likely that 41P will become large and distended.

This view shows Comet 41P/T-G-K's position (red dot) on March 15th.

Notice that the comet's orbit takes it above Earth's northern hemisphere, the reason we see the comet high in the northern sky in the coming weeks.

The Sky Live The comet has its closest encounter with Earth in more than a century when it zooms past at a distance of just 21.2 million km (13.2 million miles) on March 31–April 1.

Viewing opportunities are excellent for observers in mid-northern latitudes where the comet's up all night. Created with Chris Marriott's Sky Map That's more than 3 weeks to catch the comet!

The map shows stars to magnitude 7.5 with 41P/T-G-K's position marked every 3 days at 9 p.m. And if you're like me, living in a region prone to spring clouds, you'll need it.

This week, periodic comet 41P/Tuttle-Giacobini-Kresak begins the best part of its 2017 apparition, dashing across the circumpolar sky and brightening as it goes. It's visible almost the entire night from anywhere in the northern hemisphere, so if you play your Moon-cards right, you can see 41P/T-G-K in dark skies part of every night now through about April 8th.

As the comet passes closest to Earth (0.14 a.u.) from mid-March through early April, it hurries across the circumpolar constellations Ursa Major and Draco.That same night, 41P/T-G-K will triangle-align with the Owl Nebula (M97) and the Surfboard Galaxy (M108) in a not-to-miss 3-for-1 special.Use a magnification that provides a 1° or larger field of view to see them all simultaneously.So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.This entry was posted in MISC REVIEWS and tagged adult massage parlours, adult services, brothels, brothels in sydney, nsw brothels, parlour pages, private escorts, punting in sydney, syd massage, your guide to brothels in sydney, your guide to massage parlours in sydney. A week ago, the comet shone at magnitude 9.2 and appeared moderately condensed with a 7′ coma.

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