My boyfriend signed up for a dating website

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My boyfriend signed up for a dating website - Bi sex girls on chat

My aunt and I asked for a picture in the hallway and you happily participated without the typical hollywood attitude that you get from most celebs. I know it must seem weird as shit, but it's God's honest truth, I swear!

The show would be either a recorded phone conversation or through webcam so traveling won't be necessary. I can be booked for interviews and appearances at [email protected] Mr. We are making some changes to the website so that it is easier to navigate. The only concern would be that you mentioned you haven't had sex in 3 months. Let him know if you and him are not going to continue to have 'mind-blowing sex' then he gotta go back to just introducing you as a 'friend'. And I really want to read it BUT I can't find it anywhere in my country. It will take you to Paypal and you can order from there...if you want to, you can go to and type in the keyword Mr. And if he act up, punish the muthafucka, he might be turned on by this other side of you and if doesn't remind him you just role playing. Marcus - KEVIN wrote: hi, I am gay love to have a autograph picture of you and your big cock write back You can order an autograph picture thru are no nude pictures available) - Mr. Marcus, I was reading an article you did a while back and you mentioned you met Tupac. Tupac Fan Ron Hightower was responsible for the "How do you want it" video (a classic) I was there on set, but I arrived late. Marcus - John wrote: My name is John & I would like to know does the pump really work I mean I have a nice size penis but I think I would have more faith in myself If it was bigger ...& if it does work are the symptoms temporary?? But it gives you enough time to impress her with an extra inch or 2. Marcus - hakeem wrote: hi,im a big fan ,and i got a question for you,,one time in playboytv you mentioned a system to enlarge penis,what is the name ? Maybe, I can learn from a master like Jules Jordan? How much money do I need to buy the equipment to get started? The one where she says its honey, mutha fucka, honey? our favorite scenes are the ones u had made with lela star we still watch those scenes thank you I love Lela Star, I still keep in touch with her. anyway, I am an 18 and a half year old guy,going to italy this summer for university, and ive never had sex thing is I don't want to be with an "Italian girl" while i dont have any experience which would be pretty bad for my confidence especially if she had had more than one italian guy before me, so i guess your advice would really be helpful. And he found out how good at sex I was, and wanted me to teach him, ( he WAS a virgin ) Ive done everything to him imaginable damn near and the only time he busted a nutt was when I was ridin him. I say, video and record the sex your having now and ask yourself should you SHARE it with the world. Marcus - Elizabeth wrote: I was told to email you at this address if I had anymore sex questions.

Besides there are other opportunities in the adult industry besides being a porn star. Marcus - Kendra wrote: And here I was expecting I'd never hear back from you... I host parties, so I'll post when I get on the road and travel, if I'm coming to a city near you, roll thru. Marcus - joel wrote: thank you so much for answering my question but i have one more do you and your girl masturbate together thanks Naw, we haven't. Don't become discourged, if you waited this long, there must be a good reason. Marcus - jor wrote: Hey mr marcus, My name is jor I live in Curacao somewhere in the Caribbean near by Aruba. But anyway I'm big fan even put a hat on during sex hahahah.

Stick to your guns, there are plenty of women out there in the world who can appreciate and respect your'll find her or she'll find you. I have this problem I'm very good in 4play but I get so excited during sex that have been call 10 second man.

I actually bought two photo's and a movie of which I probably never would have done if you hadn't been so cool! Why didn't you bring a box of them to the convention??? Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for being such a nice person, if I hadn't met you the entire convention would have been a real drag! Now unless you've moved to the UK then somebody else on the Plenty of Fish dating site is using your pictures on their profile. Marcus - Candie wrote: My name is Candie and I am a huge fan...might I just say that you are so damn fine. I would like to know if you think the performance of oral sex on you feels better than vaginal sex? I think you are very sexy and would love if you would consider it Thank you. Do you think you'll do more scenes like the ones you did in Oral Consumption and some others in the future? I don't have any problem with people in the sex industry.

Have a great day and you don't have to post this to your site... Check out musclemanuk That what gives the internet and dating sites a bad name They've been using my pics and saying they're me, since I put my pics out there to be seen, real shit. :) You look like a beefed up version of my husband and I love it! He's actually deployed right now and will hopefully be home in a matter of weeks so I was wanting to buy some Daddy Inc stuff to wear for him when we get to finally be alone but I can't find anywhere online that I can buy it. (your opinion) Do you enjoy oral sex better or vaginal? Marcus just let me say that I am a big fan of your work but there is something that I have always wanted to know about porn stars you get to fuck all these hot girl but my question is even though you get to fuck all these hot girls do you still masturbate and if so how often do you masturbate. I think that by diversifying the sexual acts you perform in each of your scenes, you'll draw in more and more fans. I was asking you, as someone who is in the sex industry, a father and a family man how you would handle the situation. Im one of the thousands of friends u have on FB lol Creating a fan site is cool, gives people a place to love and hate what I've done. Are there any other movies where women are working over your feet? There are a number of fan groups where your foot scenes are well sought-after, though you may not believe it.

Shalada Allen look me up on facebook if you cant remember what i look like (not that it matters). Sometimes the convention can wear ya down, but most of the time the energy you get from people picks you right back up. Each relationship can't compare to another, so you have to ask him what he wants from you and you have to tell him what you want in return and see if you and him are on the same page. Would you be able to point me in the right direction? I have met men that have had oral sex but never makes me skeptical about performing it on them because I dont want to blow their mind! I would also like to know if you have any tips on mutual masturbation and if you and your girl masturbate together thanks your fan joel Let her start first, suggest it, and when she gets good and into it, start doing the same. Youre a busy man and I'm sure you get a lot of offers.... In other words, keep to the traditional stuff, but also indulge in some more fetish acts for those freakier fans of yours out there (e.g., myself). I was wondering how did you break it to your family so maybe my friend's daughter could follow. I'm all for that, matter of fact I'm more interested in what people think beyond the world of porn, I want to know what people feel and think about SEX. I'm a bisexual male, and I've been a big fan of yours for a long time; I'm 25 now, which means I've been watching your stuff for about ten years. I have a few questions for you concerning a sexual activity that many in your fan base would consider well outside the mainstream. I know it's a weird subject to ask about, but if you could satisfy my curiosity, I would really appreciate it. Many others and I will keep watching, so please keep up the good work! --A fan I had to stop laughing long enough to type a response.

I like to see people happy cause in return they do the same for me, feel me, besides I need your support, cause ya know I do some crazy shit. Marcus, I am seeing a guy who is a bit of a sexual deviant and we're really into each other and have AMAZING sex but I'm not sure I could ever get him to be monogamous. I'm wanting a hat and something similar to what Jenaveve Jolie is wearing in a video she is in with you... Although I am a woman that wants to satisfy my mate to the fullest!! I've met plenty of women who get off on watching a man masturbate. But I couldn't resist telling you how much you stand out to me... Of course, you're the boss, and you know the business better than I. You seem to take offense to a lot of questions thrown at you. Lol) Im also interested in starting up a blog about you as Mr Marcus the entertainer kind of like the yahoo groups back in the day but cleaner and more modern. Give me some ideas of what that page is going to include, maybe I can help in setting it up. Marcus - jessica wrote: I Wld love to have a sexy section wit u n I have only have sex once in my life n I'm 21 so hit bac Ok, send me some pictures so I'll know what you look like. You have had your feet licked and your toes sucked in a number of films you've been in--Oral Consumption 1-5, Rough Sex 1-2, Black Cock Stars 3 (Miko Lee did the honors there). Can't believe there are fan groups out there seeking scenes where my feet are the stars. But to tell you the truth, I like having my feet massaged, washed and sucked.

You're very family oriented and you always talk about how accepting your family is about your career choice. You seem to already have an opinion and thought about kids, porn and parents, so I don't think any insight I can offer will change how you or your friend may feel. I've tried a few different types of lubricant but it's not working. It comes down to her being in control and finding a position that she can manage. In that situation it's more about her than him, so make sure you cater to what she wants, he'll get off on knowing she's happy. Marcus - Jeremiah wrote: What device or which pills will really increase the size? Check thru the archive, I've answered this question before. You may not see them all, but if you apply yourself the world can be yours, see beyond this porn shit and think globally and apply yourself in a business wise way and YOU WILL REAP THE REWARDS. Best way to get girls into the business is by self promoting them.

I don't know if it was always like that but it is now I see. So as a father and a porn star, how would you handle this situation if your daughter decided to do porn? Lube, arousal & a stimulating position should be on your checklist, your lube can vary from water to oil and even silicone based. A couple replied to an ad I posted on an internet website about a 3 some. Any advice on impressing them and also I get a lil nervous in 3 somes so I bought a cock ring to maintain my erection.. Never used a cock ring..I can't tell you if they work or not. Create an online page dedicated to them and market them as adult performers.

I wouldn't accept my daughter to engage in those kind of acts. Now I know you're reading this and thinking 'what does this have to do with me? I make sure she comes several times before I enter her but when we do have intercourse it's very painful for her. Marcus If the husband is giving you permission to fuck his wife, than why be nervous? And if that is doing to much (which it is) then be happy with what you got. You also have that time factor on your side, it was almost a year ago when you and he last had sex, so he might be as anxious as you are and all your concerns or worries are unnecessary, cause he probably has a few plans of his own, that he can't wait to do to you. Jen I got the Goldilocks of small and not to big..just right. I know you probably get a bunch of emails, but if it's not too much i'd like to know if I want to get into the porn industry how do I go about it??? I have them available through my site or if ya want go to type in Mr.

I'm not a therapist' (laughs) but this is where you come in. Marcus I have just recently got married (3 months ago). She's 4'11, 89Ibs, beautiful and much younger than I am. She's such a trouper that she doesn't complain but I want her to enjoy it just as much as I am. Your wife is very petite especially compared to you, with that in mind, definite care in the bedroom is a must. Get in there and own that pussy, that's what they bringing someone else in for..handle it. Remind yourself John Wayne Bobbitt is working with half of what you got, so try using a pump, it'll last for a minute or two, but she'll never notice. Marcus - Cj wrote: what tips can you recommend to naturally increse penis size? If you wanna try it out, I have molded to real-life version available thru Doc Johnson toys. Marcus, or you can purchase directly through me and I'll send you the Vibrating Cock and Balls..signed. Marcus ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - bipolarbear420 wrote: Lol.k it's not the same tho. I'm on one level your on another, I'm sure we both know where we at and how to handle it. Signed, Miss Sexii Scorpio OXOXOXOXO First, for me... :) But on another note, at 18 years old, realize you have more options than are apparent. Marcus Or you can purchase directly through me and I'll send you the Big Daddy Pump..signed. Marcus - craig wrote: what is the best way 2 get new girls into the biz??

If you feel offended and don't want to answer I can understand. I'm friends with a guy who has a 17 year old daughter who just graduated high school and is going to be off to college in the fall. If you want to really keep her interested, your gonna have to have more than size to keep her interest. Marcus - ybur wrote: Ima sexy thick latina from jersey, and my question is this. I could not begin the project due to a lack of funds. I've never seen an apprentice for any of the directors I've worked for and Jules is a one-man show. Truth is, it takes two (2) to make it a good thing in the bedroom. If your dominating him, then your gonna as a trade off, allow yourself to be dominated. It's a fault I know, but the ASS is so dam appealing and different in each woman, we have to appreciate an attractive ASS.

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