My boyfriend signed up for a dating website

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My boyfriend signed up for a dating website - challenges dating beautiful woman

I wouldn't accept my daughter to engage in those kind of acts. Now I know you're reading this and thinking 'what does this have to do with me? I make sure she comes several times before I enter her but when we do have intercourse it's very painful for her. Marcus If the husband is giving you permission to fuck his wife, than why be nervous? And if that is doing to much (which it is) then be happy with what you got. You also have that time factor on your side, it was almost a year ago when you and he last had sex, so he might be as anxious as you are and all your concerns or worries are unnecessary, cause he probably has a few plans of his own, that he can't wait to do to you. Jen I got the Goldilocks of small and not to big..just right. I know you probably get a bunch of emails, but if it's not too much i'd like to know if I want to get into the porn industry how do I go about it??? I have them available through my site or if ya want go to type in Mr.I'm not a therapist' (laughs) but this is where you come in. Marcus I have just recently got married (3 months ago). She's 4'11, 89Ibs, beautiful and much younger than I am. She's such a trouper that she doesn't complain but I want her to enjoy it just as much as I am. Your wife is very petite especially compared to you, with that in mind, definite care in the bedroom is a must. Get in there and own that pussy, that's what they bringing someone else in for..handle it. Remind yourself John Wayne Bobbitt is working with half of what you got, so try using a pump, it'll last for a minute or two, but she'll never notice. Marcus - Cj wrote: what tips can you recommend to naturally increse penis size? If you wanna try it out, I have molded to real-life version available thru Doc Johnson toys. Marcus, or you can purchase directly through me and I'll send you the Vibrating Cock and Balls..signed. Marcus ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - bipolarbear420 wrote: Lol.k it's not the same tho. I'm on one level your on another, I'm sure we both know where we at and how to handle it. Signed, Miss Sexii Scorpio OXOXOXOXO First, for me... :) But on another note, at 18 years old, realize you have more options than are apparent. Marcus Or you can purchase directly through me and I'll send you the Big Daddy Pump..signed. Marcus - craig wrote: what is the best way 2 get new girls into the biz??

I don't know what I expected but you are really down to earth and personable!

I didn't tell her dad because I don't want to lose her trust and don't know how he would handle it. We have had some wild nights before he went overseas(first experience of me squirting which he absolutely do I) but he ends up getting bad leg cramps from me on top. There are a lot of things you can do, that don't require sexual contact to warm up and prep the body for sex. I say the world is big, but we run in small circles. Marcus - bipolarbear420 wrote: hey daddy, its Hawaii Jen again..I finally got to see some of your videos. I was expecting to see a penis that looked too big to be real, but that wasn't the case. That's a good thing though, 14inch dongs are not allowed in my world. If there is, think u could help me out nd let me kno?

To feel him out on the subject, I brought up the Lawrence Fishbourne and his daughter situation and his answers were 'I know how guys are especially in porn. I'll slow down then he'll get on top but his cramp would get worse... But he's coming back beginning next month and I don't want that to happen you suggest I should do or which positions to try... Going to the gym beforehand can loosen you up physically or hot shower does wonders on the body and if all fails, the jacuzzi is a good way to work out sore muscles or tight muscles that lead to cramps. I'm sure I could handle you ;) lol have a wonderful week daddy.. Marcus, I have watched your movies and videos and it just seems to get better and better, I am 18 year old female living in Brooklyn, NY. She is a dancer and wants to get into adult but is concerned about working with low-lifes. Besides operation, from what I've learned over the years, the pump works the best.

I thought you were a nice guy who actually cared enough to hear his fans questions and answer with some type of maturity and sincerity but I was wrong. Maybe I answered your question on a bad day when I was being short-sighted, after re-reading your email I realize you genuinely care about your friends daughter and were looking for a honest answer in return. I get a little protective when people mention my daughters and use them as an example. The Thing Is When I Tell A Woman That She'll Say "Aww Thats Sweet.

For future reference, actually read what your fans are saying because I was giving you compliments and you just attacked me as if I degraded you. I am well aware of the growing and looming challenge that lays ahead for my family and my choice of career. But concerning your friend's daughter, I wouldn't know how to handle it if she decided to enter the adult industry that's probably why I'm trying hard to provide as many opportunities as possible for her, so she'll know she has choices in the world. Hold On To It As Long As You Can, Cuz Once Its Gone Its Gone." Then They Don't Wanna Date Me Because Of That.

She told me that ever since she lost her virginity at the age of 16 she has been interested in the sex industry. Its been this way for 4 years but now I feel like things are getting dull, even though he hasn't said anything. Is there anything you can suggest that will spice things up for me and make sex fun again instead of it just being something I expect everyday just because ? if you available, ill be satisfied with fucking you !!! Sometimes it's a good thing sexually to break things down, so you can build it up again. ) I am waiting for my man to come back from being deployed overseas. I want both of us to be sexually satisfied (without the leg cramps)... Stretch him out a little, a walk maybe or even try play wrestling. Daddy Girl shirts will be available at the end of April. I don't think there is much we can do to change it, a great ASS will always command respect. Marcus - Roshondra wrote: is there any chance that we can meet?? If she really wants to get in the business, I could send her to a few agents, but I'm like fuck that..her pics to me at [email protected] we can go from there. is there really an actual way to make a mans penis bigger?

She told me first she might start off as a stripper but get into porn later. Have you tried bringing someone else into the bedroom? That's where all the fun could be and it also gives you a chance to try new things or old things differently. I must say that I tend to get little wild (okay, cuffs, blindfold, paddle...yeah). You might even be able to incorporate it into your type of foreplay. i love and enjoy what you do and how you conduct youself Definitely a chance we can meet. And honestly if I don't have the time and I know a few people who do, I'll forward the information. im askin since u are a pornstar and if there was a way u would probably know.

If not, when the time is right, how do i contact you for this interview? Which is cool if you and him are having "Mind blowing sex", that means he's yours as well. I've just known (from your Twitter) you published a Book. You can order it direct from me signed at click on the link to the book. Try the teacher/student scenario and be the teacher, teach him what turns you on. I think I have what it takes to produce and direct but I lack experience and know-how. Should I take a videography class before I get started? Are there any producer/directors out there who hire interns or aprentices? Marcus - dhaskell wrote: Mr Marcus, what was the title of the video with the scene of you and Honey, which is I think A.k.a super head? Marcus - Lela wrote: HI mr marcus big fan of your work me and my lover are big fans would you ever be interested in giving my lover a fantasy of having you once while i video it we dont want it to be out there it would be her fantasy as well as mine to see her with a famous pornstar, I am asian so i know i cant compete and i love her so much and that is. and ive read most of the questions and i really appreciate the time u give to ur fans and ur detailed answers.

The show would be either a recorded phone conversation or through webcam so traveling won't be necessary. I can be booked for interviews and appearances at [email protected] Mr. We are making some changes to the website so that it is easier to navigate. The only concern would be that you mentioned you haven't had sex in 3 months. Let him know if you and him are not going to continue to have 'mind-blowing sex' then he gotta go back to just introducing you as a 'friend'. And I really want to read it BUT I can't find it anywhere in my country. It will take you to Paypal and you can order from there...if you want to, you can go to and type in the keyword Mr. And if he act up, punish the muthafucka, he might be turned on by this other side of you and if doesn't remind him you just role playing. Marcus - KEVIN wrote: hi, I am gay love to have a autograph picture of you and your big cock write back You can order an autograph picture thru are no nude pictures available) - Mr. Marcus, I was reading an article you did a while back and you mentioned you met Tupac. Tupac Fan Ron Hightower was responsible for the "How do you want it" video (a classic) I was there on set, but I arrived late. Marcus - John wrote: My name is John & I would like to know does the pump really work I mean I have a nice size penis but I think I would have more faith in myself If it was bigger ...& if it does work are the symptoms temporary?? But it gives you enough time to impress her with an extra inch or 2. Marcus - hakeem wrote: hi,im a big fan ,and i got a question for you,,one time in playboytv you mentioned a system to enlarge penis,what is the name ? Maybe, I can learn from a master like Jules Jordan? How much money do I need to buy the equipment to get started? The one where she says its honey, mutha fucka, honey? our favorite scenes are the ones u had made with lela star we still watch those scenes thank you I love Lela Star, I still keep in touch with her. anyway, I am an 18 and a half year old guy,going to italy this summer for university, and ive never had sex thing is I don't want to be with an "Italian girl" while i dont have any experience which would be pretty bad for my confidence especially if she had had more than one italian guy before me, so i guess your advice would really be helpful. And he found out how good at sex I was, and wanted me to teach him, ( he WAS a virgin ) Ive done everything to him imaginable damn near and the only time he busted a nutt was when I was ridin him. I say, video and record the sex your having now and ask yourself should you SHARE it with the world. Marcus - Elizabeth wrote: I was told to email you at this address if I had anymore sex questions.

My books are gonna be back in my stock before Christmas, maybe even by Thanksgiving. And I will definitely have a few for you to buy :) Thanks again for your email, glad to hear you had a good time. What are your thoughts on monogamy seeing as how you are a pornstar and in a relationship? I would greatly appreciate any info you can give me. If I know I am capable of making him shoot through oral, do you think it would be a good idea for me to perform this act on him if I I'm not sure if how serious I want to be with him? Tell her you get off on watching her play with herself. Youre the only male pornstar that turns me on and gets me off. If you can think of specific scenes or movies where your feet have enjoyed this kind of attention, please let me know--I'm a big fan! This is the life you've chose and you gave us, as fans, to ask you questions. I really like the website and Im a huge fan since of your films since the late 90s. Marcus ppl start laughing or smiling because they already know what that name represents they cant even front. What is your opinion on fan tributes dedicated to you the performer. I like to know ahead of time, who I'm gonna have sex with. I was fortunate that I worked with a few girls who didn't mind hooking that up for me and a camera was close by. Marcus, My Name Is Leo (Follow Me On Twitter @Gods Gift IIWomen).

The cats at Exxxotica do a good job at bringing the best talent to the shows, so we appreciate your support, definitely. Marcus - chiva wrote: Hey, My name is Chivareaux and I'm 18 years old. Could you gave me some advice how to break in as a male actor. Greets, Chivareaux ...bring some of those Holland bitchez into the busines asap!!! Thanks again, Candie Dam, I love that you wanna buy some Daddy gear, especially to give your a solider a welcome home gift. If you show an appreciation she'll become comfortable and won't feel shy or embarrassed, she'll feel encouraged to relax and really enjoy herself, especially if she sees you like it. Marcus - Kendra wrote: I'm sure you hear this a lot from your female fans... Thanks for the response and for keeping it real for your fans! I'll leave the freakier stuff to the other guys and concentrate more on the business of sex. If you're going to be bitchy about it then I won't waste my time. I think out of a group of male actors working in adult today you have the most name recognition out in the mainstream outside of porn. Then came the video you released a few years back with the infamous video vixen herself, Ms. On a serious note, feet are underappreciated so any attention given to them should be celebrated by the queens and kings of the world. My Situation Is This, I've Decided To Wait Until I Was Married To Have Sex.

But how do I find out where you'll make appearances at? I'm probably one of the few people especially women who isn't judging you on your decision to be in a relationship and do porn. This was a discussion and a friend said 'For guys like Mr. What are the limits to the sex in your relationship or if your spouse were to have sex with another man would you see it as wrong or an even trade? Please feel free to contact me back on here thank you Have a bless day You can order the book at a signed copy. He was the man then and far as I'm concerned is still the Man, now. Marcus - Hak wrote: I want 2 purchase the pump but I want 2 know are the results temporary or permanent ... Just like working out or weight lifting, it only stays big if you continue to use the muscle and increase it's activity. Finally, years ago we talk a few times on the phone. Some have technical skills, others are creative and artistic and a few know how to inspire and capture emotions. Don't trip on the circumcision, women adapt to the dick. Can you possible tell me IF there is anything I can try. I am too jealous of the gurl who got one of your hats, (wink) lolz, so could I get a T-Shirt? Bring home another girl to get the party started and then take if from there, if he wants her to stay, then fuck it, have her join in, but you run shit, do it your way so your comfortable. or is it just because they just love looking at asses?