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It increasingly looks as though a new sanctuary for IS fighters, planners and recruiters has been established right in the middle of Europe.In some remote villages, the black flag of IS is flown and, as a share of the population, more fighters from Bosnia-Herzegovina have joined IS than from any other country in Europe, except for Belgium.

The search for clues about his lost son takes us by car through the region surrounding the village of Velika Kladuša, an area of rolling hills where older places of worship with their delicate minarets seem to almost disappear in the shadow of pretentious new mosques.The area around Velika Kladusa, located directly across the border from EU-member state Croatia, is considered a hotspot for jihadist fighters, not least because of its economic struggles.Even now, 20 years after the end of the war, unemployment among young Bosnians stands at 60 percent.Bosnia-Herzegovina has responded by tightening its criminal law such that mercenaries returning from the Middle East and their supporters now face up to 10 years in prison.In November, shortly before the attacks in Paris, an Islamist shot and killed two soldiers in a Sarajevo suburb.It was this aspect that led the late US diplomat Richard Holbrooke to refer to a "deal with the devil" when talking about the pact formed out of military necessity.

The foreign fighters, after all, didn't just bring weapons into the fight.Those who fought at the front and who are suddenly allowed to return home are under intense suspicion of having received orders to carry out a deadly assignment.Indeed, there are not many other reasons to return home.We are dealing with "a failing and highly dysfunctional state," says political scientist Vlado Azinovic, co-author of the study, "The Lure of the Syrian War," which focuses on Bosnia-Herzegovina.The Velika Kladuša area -- not even 100 kilometers from the beaches of Croatia -- threatens to develop into a bridgehead for Islamist terrorists heading north, particularly with the help of guest workers radicalized in Austria, Germany or Italy.His home has a wood stove and an outhouse but no electricity.

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