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The challenge lies in refusing to accept such occurrences as the status quo, while still choosing to focus on the positive.This might sound trite or naïve, but it’s a choice that India demands of you.

This goes without saying, but deserves repeating: India is a conservative country, so be respectful of that by covering your shoulders and legs and watching your cleavage.

Beth Whitman, founder and CEO of Wanderlust and Lipstick and Wander Tours, has been leading both female-only and co-ed tours to India since 2009 — and not once has a woman on a Wander Tour had any issue with her safety.“Don’t go to regions where crime (particularly drugs) are rampant,” Beth writes. Read the guidebooks and forums to determine if your destination falls into that category.”In my own experience, the most important preparation for India was mental.

Before going for the first time, it felt like I was getting ready to visit a different planet.

I am never a fan of not telling the truth on the road.

I believe that, when appropriate, it’s as important to share our own customs and ways of life with other cultures as it is to learn about theirs.

Drawing on my own time in India as well as advice from other women who have traveled there extensively, here are 11 tips to help ward off unwanted situations — but also keep you open to positive experiences: As you would for any destination, spend time learning about India and its customs before arriving.

Go in with your eyes wide open, having taken the necessary steps to be educated and prepared, and understand that what awaits you there may be vastly different from what you’re used to.

On our fifth morning, we spent three hours wrestling our way through an 18-mile traffic jam in Bihar, a state known for its poverty and violence.

After the second hour, I needed a break from dodging trucks and buses and cows, and so we pulled over.

I didn’t feel comfortable doing so on my own, and told him that I already had plans with friends.

Use discernment and get a sense of whether or not such a white lie may help protect you.

The only possible exception to this is Goa, whose well-known beaches have become increasingly westernized.