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As part of his exposure treatment, we listen to the recordings in the car and at home.Using the app in conjunction with therapy has dramatically improved our son's quality of life. -- Bridget, Massachusetts I've been using the Live OCD Free app for about two and a half months.

Download Live OCD Free now to learn how you can reveal his true identity and defeat him for good. We are looking forward to using Live OCD Free and conducting research on it at the OCD Institute. Knowing the app is on in the background mentally keeps me focused on not ticking.

We found the message recording feature most helpful.

We are able to record words, phrases and stories that my son was too afraid to say.

Every day is still a struggle, but having the app with me helps, especially when I feel that I'm about to give in to a ritual.

-- Jenna, Massachusetts Live OCD Free is the need of the day for OCD sufferers.

With regular usage of the app, one will feel the reduction in symptoms of OCD week after week.

Moreover, it is a do it yourself kit which is economical and wise.

Her OCD had forced her into seclusion, isolation, and painful 4 hour ritualistic decontamination showers and had even left her unable to touch those she loves.

Remarkably, Alexandra can now walk anywhere and touch almost everything freely.

With one version for adults and another for children, this app will interactively help you set up your exposure hierarchy, set practice goals and rewards, provide you with tools to help you fight your OCD symptoms at any moment, and much more.

Everything you asked for from NAILS Nail Art Gallery has been done!

For less than the cost of one therapy session, you can have a great self-help tool if you are unable to get help from a specialist.

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