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Mc Keever cuts these sheets into strips, thinner ones between 23 and 25 mm and thicker ones between 58 and 62 mm, which she can bend and twist. As the wing nuts project outwards, they are nodal points for the attraction and reflection of light.

A personal choice to remove himself almost entirely from most social media platforms also led to an interest in alternative forms of engaging with the self and how that can benefit a stronger awareness of mental health.So, unless the artist has opted for second thoughts and introduced something unexpected, you are now in possession of all of the component parts: the globe, the charcoal drawings, the small drawings and paintings, the pigment piece, and the large dibond sculptural works. How has she responded to the physical properties of the spaces? How has she created a pathway through the installation for you to observe?How has she decided to light each and every element? One great thing about writing an essay before seeing the finished exhibition: I don’t have to answer the questions! Millennium Court Arts Centre is delighted to present “Let the dead leaves fall”, a new solo exhibition by Miguel Martin.If it is on the floor, stand as close as possible and look directly downwards.Two things happen simultaneously: the ceiling is reflected in the strips, but projected onto the floor. You might also look at whether the artist has decided to heighten the perceptual oddities, and indeed the perpetual uncertainties, by using lighting.It is immersive, and this might lead you to ask yourself about boundaries. It’s an industrial material with connotations of coolness and formality.

But because of its reflective properties, which can be heightened by a careful use of lighting, at the moment we approach it we ourselves are locked into its imagery.

The artist started with eight sheets of dibond (H 2440mm x W 1220mm) of the same substance.

Dibond is a shiny, reflective, aluminium composite made from two layers of the metal with a plastic centre in-between.

There will be a globe, mounted on an easel, but if you touch it you will get powder on your fingers.

There is likely to be a pigment work, possibly also using dibond, which might start on the wall and then shift to the floor but if you walk through it, you will get powder on your shoes and leave footprints on the floor. In 1907, in Galway, Marconi created the first commercial, transatlantic radio signal connecting Europe and North America. If you look at the charcoal drawings, there are circular elements (Globes? ) and very strong suggestions of outer space, perhaps of electrons or atoms whirring through.

If you look closely at the small drawings you will find strips of transparent cellotape, suggestive of antennae, and of rays emanating from antennae.

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